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Archive for July, 2017

4 Safety Priorities for Your Commercial Business

Fire alarm service atlanta

Safety and security should be the number one priority in any commercial building. This means that there should be thorough safety plans for both employee and customer safety. This is often one of the first plans designed before opening the businesses doors to the public. Some of the most important safety precautions include the following steps.

Secured doors or locks

Commercial businesses are especially prone to theft. It is fairly simple for a criminal to case out a business and to know when people will be present and when they will not be. Because the majority of break ins occur after business hours, this means that the doors should have a secure locking system. Usually, a simple door lock is not enough. The locks should be reinforced and the doors should be made of a high qua

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4 Common Employment Legal Disputes and How to Handle Them

Judge james moody

Employment should be as simple as interviewing, hiring, and then learning to do a specific job or task. However, there are actually many disputes that arise regarding unfair employment practices. The government protects employees in the fact that all job applicants should have the same ability to a job, regardless of their race, gender, or other characteristics. The following work related legal issues are the most common.

Labor racketeering
Many places of employment have unions. A union is to protect the worker rights of the employees. However, sometimes the employer is taken advantage of. This is known as labor racketeering. It is when the union is controlled, all for the benefit of someone else, either the employer or the employee. Labor racketeering is harder to identify

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Durable, Steel Shipping Containers Serve a Variety of Purposes


As the heat dome settles over the entire heartland and southern regions of the country, access to power may be a concern for some people. In a week when St. Louis is expected to top at 100 plus temperatures, weather experts warn that the real temperatures will feel like 106 or 110. As the Dog Days of Summer descend upon us, every home and business owner hopes that their air conditioning and electricity will go on as planned. The thought of a day without power on one of the hottest days of July can be frightening. Containerized generators, however, serve as a viable source of backup power for many small businesses and larger industries. Knowing that containerized generators can serve as a backup power in both short outages or long term electrical disruptions allows businesses to comfortably approach even the hottest

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How Structural Design Has Changed the World

Civil engineering structural design

Civil engineering services come in many shapes and sizes, but structural design jobs are perhaps the most interesting. Structural design engineering is a sub-division that any typical civil engineering company usually works on. Whether it’s geotechnical design firms or a more niche market, the engineers in this industry are trained to understand, predict, and calculate all sorts of stru

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys Can Help Companies Understand Their Best Options

Competitive intelligence agency

Keeping customers is essential to every kind of business. From companies that offer oil change services to clothing stores that provide the latest fashions, it is essential that employers know what their customers like and do not like about the both products and services.
With the use of consumer satisfaction survey questions, a company can specifically target the areas that they most want to know about. They can find out if the floor staff is helpful, if the parking is adequate, if the restrooms are clean. Consumer satisfaction survey questions can help employees understand the things that work and the things that need to be improved.

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