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Durable, Steel Shipping Containers Serve a Variety of Purposes


As the heat dome settles over the entire heartland and southern regions of the country, access to power may be a concern for some people. In a week when St. Louis is expected to top at 100 plus temperatures, weather experts warn that the real temperatures will feel like 106 or 110. As the Dog Days of Summer descend upon us, every home and business owner hopes that their air conditioning and electricity will go on as planned. The thought of a day without power on one of the hottest days of July can be frightening. Containerized generators, however, serve as a viable source of backup power for many small businesses and larger industries. Knowing that containerized generators can serve as a backup power in both short outages or long term electrical disruptions allows businesses to comfortably approach even the hottest days of summer.
The creation of containerized generators is just one use, however, of the many portable, and reliable shipping container solutions that are seen not only across America, but also around the world. From conex containers for offices to temporary housing solutions, shipping containers are being both created and reused for a number of purposes. Consider some of these examples:

  • Container structures, by definition, are stackable, mobile, durable, and weather-resistant. As an added advantage, these structures do not require a foundation and have an average a lifespan of 25 years.
  • Manufactured at 50% the cost and in 20% of the time of site-built homes, manufactured housing products are assembled in a controlled, factory environment using fewer materials and generating 35% to 40% less waste than comparable site-built units.
  • Most containers are retired after only 10 to 15 years of use. Some estimates, in fact, suggest that there are nearly 24 million empty, retired shipping containers on the planet.
  • As truly eco-green structures, steel storage containers are typically made from 85% recycled steel and fully recyclable once they are no longer of use and are demolished. During the 25 years of reuse, these containers save new building materials.
  • Steel containers are an effective solution over less reliable and resilient job site trailers which are made of thin wood and vinyl building materials. These trailer only last five years at most, while steel containers have a life that is five to six times longer.
  • Shipping containers, both single units or multiple connected units, can withstand winds that are as high as 100 miles per hour MPH() when these containers are rooted on foundation, or 175 MPH winds when anchored with pylons. This means that container homes can be extremely solid in both hurricanes and tornadoes.

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