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Four Reasons to Implement Containers as Retail Space

Container pop up shop

Many businesses are utilizing shipping containers for many purposes. It’s common to find portable concession stands that are housed within shipping containers. There are nearly 17 million shipping containers around the world. Only 6 million of these containers are currently being used which leaves about 11 million ready for use. Here are four benefits of using a container as a pop up shop.

  • Great for Drawing Attention

    One huge advantage of shipping containers is how versatile they are. These metal containers can be painted using many different methods. Professional painters will be able to provide your container with any style you prefer. Many businesses that use containers for a pop up shop implement bright colors. You won’t have to worry about a shipping container feeling cramped. A standard TEU container is capable of holding nearly 3,500 shoe boxes, that’s a lot of storage space.
  • Safe and Secure Retail Space

    It’s hard to find a structure that is more durable than a shipping container. These structures are used by countless businesses each year to safely transport goods across the world. A shipping container is primarily made of steel. You can rest assured that a pop up storefront remains safe in changing weather conditions. Regular maintenance allows for a standard shipping container to last up to 20 years. A container pop up shop made from steel will provide you with a secure storefront.
  • Potential Cost Savings Versus Other Options

    Many business owners find that used shipping containers are great ways to save money. Shipping containers are easy to ship around the world. Once you receive a container, you can begin to start setting up. Building retail space on location takes extra time. You will find that having a store built involves finding contractors, waiting for materials, and adding in build time. It makes much more sense to use a shipping container when you need fast access to usable retail space.
  • Ability to Include Additional Amenities

    One reason many companies utilize containers for pop up shops is for the customization options. There are many storage container modifications that can be made. In many cases, a container pop up shop will need to be able to run electricity and lighting throughout the structure. Your employees will enjoy being able to have these amenities.

In summary, there are several benefits to utilizing a container pop up shop. Shipping containers are great for drawing eyes to your business. A shipping container is a cool and inventive way to utilize an inexpensive storefront solution. These containers are safe, durable, and available all over the world. Being able to include additional amenities make these containers popular for many businesses. Shipping containers continue to be a great choice for providing inexpensive retail space.

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