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Marble and Other Natural Stone Slabs Environmentally-Friendly Building Materials

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Marble and other natural stone has been used throughout history for both interior and exterior architectural purposes. It has been used to create sculpture, mosaics, and other forms of art as well. Engineered stone has also been used within the architectural field to create wall features, counter tops, seating, and for other beautiful and functional purposes such as outdoor hardscapes.

The Origins of Natural Stone Usage

Marble, for example, has been used in architecture, art, and design for thousands of years. Its origins have been traced back to the civilizations and cultural artifacts of early Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The Origins of Ceramic Tile Usage

In addition to being present in ancient Mesopotamian architecture, ceramic tile is also evident within India’s architecture and other forms of art. It is believed that the using ceramic tiles created out of slabs of clay originated in 14,000 B.C. in these civilizations.

The Benefits of Marble for Flooring and Countertops

Thousands of years later, marble is still used to create flooring and countertops. The National Association of Home Builders, for example, reported that when marble flooring is well-maintained, it may have a 100-year lifespan. Countertops made out of marble, however, can last even longer, up to an entire lifetime.

Kitchen Renovations and Natural Stone

More homeowners are choosing to have their kitchen countertops updated when they decide to renovate. A recent survey showed that this applies to 93% of the homeowners engaged in renovation or remodeling projects. Furthermore, most of these projects involve using natural stone materials.

The “2016 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study” found that 87% of the homeowners that renovated their kitchens used a professional to assist them. While many homeowners may have a clear vision of how they want their kitchens to look and function, when they consult and work with professional designers, architects, and contractors, they increase their chances that the final outcome will match or exceed their initial vision.

Hardscaping and Outdoor Living Spaces

The Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction reports that hardscaping projects are more in demand. In 2014, for example, only 23% of new home constructions had a deck, and a little over half, or 56%, had a patio. Given the versatility and beauty of engineered, natural, and architectural stone, more home owners are choosing to have walkways, patios, raised beds, and other features constructed with these materials.

Natural stone slabs, for instance, can also be used for seating arrangements, patio tables, and outdoor kitchen surface areas. They can provide a unique central focal point for water features and garden sculptures as well.

The Environmental Benefits of Using Natural Stone

Natural stone slabs are an environmentally-friendly building material. While home owners may be choosing natural stone slabs for their building and renovation projects, so, too, are many socially and environmentally-conscious businesses.

Unilever conducted a 2017 study that revealed there is a $1 trillion market opportunity here for businesses. When a company is able to demonstrate that its product is sustainable and that the company itself engages in sustainable business practices, these companies’ market value may increase exponentially.

When a company actively supports social and/or environmental causes, the Unilever study also found that this has the potential to increase customer loyalty to their brand. According to Unilever, 33% of consumers prefer to purchase goods and services from companies that follow these causes with obvious integrity.

The hospitality industry, for example, can demonstrate their support of sustainable building practices and materials by using natural stone slabs in their hotel lobbies. A survey recently showed that many travelers believe it’s important for accommodations like hotels and other accommodations to use environmentally-friendly practices and materials. In fact, the survey showed that 81% of the participants feel that this is important.

Contact a Local Home Design and Remodeling Firm

If you’re planning to remodel or renovate your bathroom, foyer, kitchen, or outdoor living spaces, chances are that you want to incorporate marble, stone or ceramic slabs, or another type of natural stone. When you work with a professional firm, they will be able to design and build the perfect living spaces for you.

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