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Archive for September 18th, 2017

Most Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Worker Safety And Protection

Crane wire rope

Safety is an ongoing concern for everybody. You fasten your seat belt every time you step behind the wheel of a car to protect from a crash. You floss your teeth every night to keep cavities at bay. We engage in safety every day of our lives and work is no different. Staying healthy while on the job requires ongoing knowledge of safety regulations as well as good, old-fashioned common sense. OSHA (short for Occupational Safety and Health Administration) provides countless industries with the regulations they need to make sure everyone gets through the day in one piece.

Common questions about safety regulations, fall protection and daily hazards will be answered below so you and your workers can always feel safe on the job.

What Does OSHA Do?

When in doubt, OSHA is there to

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Advances in Chemical Protective Garments

Chemical protective clothing

When it comes to chemical protective garments, there have been a number of significant advancements over the last several decades. There are, according to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 20 million workers who wear some kind of personal protective clothing on a regular basis so that they can be protected from hazards on the job and feel secure in a safe workplace.

Protective apparel has come a long way over the years, saving lives and limbs and even eyesight when worn properly. There is no garment out there that can guarantee 100% safety, but technological advances have made the function of many garments far superior models from the past. For e

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