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3 Ways to Improve Your HR Department to Increase Employee Relations

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Does your company use HR platforms to offer the best benefits and programs to its employees? If various HR technology platforms haven?t been a priority at your company before, it?s time to look into these further. One of the keys to keeping happy and satisfied employees is by making sure your HR department is top notch. The better your HR department is at handling employee relations, the more comfortable your employees will be at work. However, an HR department can only do so much without a variety of HR software options to provide benefits and information in a simple and functional way.

Interested in learning more about how an HR department can increase employee relations within a company? Keep reading for more information about the benefits of improving your company?s HR department this year.

3 Ways to Maintain Employee Relations With Your HR Department

Some companies aren?t as concerned with maintaining a qualified HR department because they feel that they can always rehire if employees leave. However, having a high turnover rate can be detrimental to the success of a company. For that reason, it?s important to invest time, effort, and money into creating an HR department that can support employees? needs. Here?s three ways to improve your HR department.

1. Offer benefits

There are potential candidate who will accept a job offer with little to no benefits. In cases such as these, employees may not feel as secure at their job, though. They may feel as though the company is not willing to invest in them. That can make employees feel like they don?t matter to the success of a company, as if they are expendable.

When a company offers 11 or more benefits, more than 50% of employees are willing to recommend their employers as a great place to seek employment. This helps create a more positive image for company?s in the long run.

2. Onboarding orientation

Part of your HR department?s tasks should be helping with onboarding orientation. This may require different types of HR platforms in order to offer an organized and effective orientation for new employees. If you only want to invest in one HR platform, consider making this a priority as it is the first introduction an employee has to their new company.

Nearly 70% of new employees will stay with their company for three years if they feel as though orientation was beneficial to their adjustment to their new role. In addition to general onboarding, this should also include some type of training or coursework in order to help employees feel more confident as they start their new job.

Statistics show that onboarding programs are so essential to employee satisfaction that it actually increases the chance of employee retention and productivity. With proper onboarding training, a company can experience more than 50% great new hire productivity and retention.

3. Cut down on costs

Companies who choose to upgrade their HR platforms and HR solutions are likely to see a cut in costs per employee when it comes to HR management. In fact, the decrease in spending can be up to 22% per employee. While this doesn?t directly affect employee relations, this does allow a company to allocate that extra savings toward other forms of spending within the company. Some companies may even take that savings to offer better or more benefits to their employees.

In addition to the savings that can occur by upgrading HR systems, your HR department can also be more effective, organized, and function better. When using outdated systems, your HR department may not be able to use their time as wisely or offer as much support to employees and the company. By choosing to invest in these HR platforms, you?re choosing to invest in the improvement of the company as a whole. An investment meant to improve your company and benefit your employees is one that will hopefully result in more company-wide success over time.

Has your company considered rehauling its HR department to offer better benefits or upgrade systems? Let us know in the comments about your thoughts on the importance of a well-maintained HR department at your company.

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