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Does Your Business Depend on Shipping Containers for the Products It Uses?


The industrial shipping industry will likely serve an important role in the recovery efforts of Hurricane Maria. In fact, nearly three weeks after Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, it appears that one of the biggest challenges is in getting not only power reconnected to the island, but also the safe and efficient delivery of the many goods that are needed. From bottled water to modular housing, durable, steel shipping containers will be needed to make sure that these items are safely transported to the island.
In times of everyday consumerism, as well as times of disaster recovery, industrial shipping container solutions are essential. And while we often think of industrial shipping containers as a temporary solution for construction offices and as a constant source of railroad cars, the reality is that these shipping containers are used for worldwide trade. From large ocean vessels to the more easily seen train cars, these containers are used to help different parts of the world buy, sell, and trade the goods that they have.
consider some of these facts and figures about the industrial shipping industry and the role that it plays in the American and worldwide economy:

  • A 20′ container can hold nearly 3,596 shoe boxes, and a 40′ high cube can hold 8,443 shoe boxes.
  • standard 20′ shipping container can hold 1,150 cubic feet, and a 40 foot high cube contains 2,700 cubic feet.
  • Provided they are taken care of with regular paint and maintenance, shipping containers can last over 20 years.
  • When compared to traditional construction method, some sites estimate that building with containers can lead to a cost savings of as much as 40%.
  • Most containers are retired after only 10 to 15 years use, which results in the fact that there are nearly 24 million empty, retired shipping containers on the planet.
  • Made from 85% recycled steel and fully recyclable if demolished, shipping containers are truly eco-green structures. In addition, new building materials are also saved.

The residents of the island of Puerto Rico will be relying on the industrial shipping industry to make sure that they receive the recovery materials that you need.

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