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Archive for November 15th, 2017

What You Don’t Know About Carbon Monoxide Can Kill You

Steam condensers

To understand how dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) is, you have to look at the relationship it has with hemoglobin. Hemoglobin picks up oxygen (O2) in the lungs and transports it to the body where it is deposited in the cell. A body’s hemoglobin drops off the oxygen and picks up carbon dioxide (CO2). How the hemoglobin picks up one and drops the other is due to the chemical condition of the blood. The problem is that when a molecule of hemoglobin picks up a molecule of CO, it does its best to cling to it. Therefore, if CO is present in the air, perhaps due to an improperly working heating device, the amount of O2 people and animals take in and have present in their blood drops leading to serious illness or death.


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Are You Looking for an Original Equipment Manufacturer to Create Custom Exhaust Billows?

Exhaust bellows for engine exhaust industry

The devil is in the details.
Sometimes the dirt is in the details as well.
If you are looking for a way to make sure that all of the machinery and the equipment that you use is running as cleanly and efficiently as possible, you may want to make sure that you pay attention to the details of exhaust bellows for engines and other machinery that your manufacturing plant uses. From the exhaust bellows that are used in a small engine that is used for sanding and buffing purposes to the largest of custom bellows that are made for large factory pieces, the attention to detail can help you machines run more efficiently and last longer.
Consider some of these facts and

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How Broker Software Can Reduce The Margin Of Error In Your Shipment Process

Freight management software

How can you better streamline the travel process?

Shipping your products isn’t as simple as choosing a destination and hitting the green light. The most effective and time-saving methods rely on a mixture of smart software and constant awareness of the changes rippling through the industry. An affordable set of shipments can end up costing you when you jumble up your numbers. A series of available jobs can be filled much sooner when you reach out to the right people. All these little efforts can be better organized with modern, savvy software designed to get to the root of every issue in no time at all.


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