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Label Display Stands and Creative Product Placement

Clear price tag sleeves

The process of acquiring goods and necessities has evolved a great deal over time. From the era of trading and bartering, to the massive consumer base that we know today, there have certainly been many changes and developments. Today, there are some who consider shopping to be a hobby or even a sport, when the time for good sales comes around. And the companies and businesses that exist to supply consumers with the goods that they desire must constantly evolve to keep customers coming back for more. As technology continues to advance, and information and purchases can be acquired with the touch of a screen or the push of a button, on site displays and advertising must meet a raised bar when it comes to catching the eye of a potential buyer.

Label display stands and other signage

One recent report has shown that the vast majority of consumers, at 86%, are willing to pay more for a better shopping experience. People like to know what they are looking at and how much they will be paying for an item. Labeling your merchandise, especially in a creative or eye pleasing way, can help you succeed in a higher rate of sales, and help your customers by reducing the time they spend browsing or making decisions.

Something that is clearly marked or labeled can appeal to consumers more than something that is not. In fact, it was shown in one study that even fully priced merchandise can sell better when it is clearly marked or labeled with a description. Merchandise that is being sold at the regular, full price will perform 18% better when it is accompanied by signage than when it does not have any signage at all. Depending on what you are selling and how detailed the signage needs or doesn’t need to be, even a simple label display stand with an eye catching font can do the trick.

Unique retail display ideas to get products sold

Whether you are utilizing label display stands on the shelves or contemporary glass signs and signage to draw customers in, you want to give every customer the opportunity to consider every piece of merchandise that you are selling. Of course, time is precious, and many consumers try to be as efficient as possible with the time that they have, so your best course of action is to create product display ideas that are unique and draw the attention of those who might otherwise rush by. Indoor sign stands and display racks set up in an organized manner, or in a way that isn’t typically used, will create the opportunities for customers to purchase something that they may not have realized was on their list of necessities or desires.

Though many individuals like to shop online or at least do research on a product by way of their portable or otherwise connected device, about 82% of shoppers end up making decisions on what to buy when they are physically in the store. And one study showed that 16% of unplanned purchases were the result of a display that the consumer happened upon, took note of, and made a purchase decision about while they were shopping for something else.

Setting things up the right way makes a difference. People will take note of the care, quality, and creativity that went into a display, especially when it appropriately showcases the product in question and why they shouldn’t leave the store without it. It all factors in to the way that shopping has evolved and continues to do so.

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