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3 Ways to Give Back to The Members of Purple Heart Foundation

Donations for veterans

The primary goal of Purple Heart Foundation is to honor the sacrifices made by the service men and women in protecting their beloved country. And that’s the reason why there are few special days in a year set apart to recognize military veterans and their families.

As an individual or an organization, there are ways you can contribute to the Military Order of the Purple Heart Services. Here few ideas on how you can support veterans and military families in general.

Courtesy and Kindness
Helping military families shouldn’t seem like a rocket science affair. It starts with simple things like greetings or saying thank you for no apparent reason, but just to acknowledge their patriotism. This should also apply to any current serving military, which goes a long way to uplift their spirits and make them feel a sense of pride. If they engage you in a conversation, hear what their have to say.

When it comes to making donations to Purple Heart programs, there a plenty of ways to do that. Clothing donations are the simplest and most convenient form of donation anyone can make. Here, clothes represent anything from pants, socks, shirt, vest, jackets, dress, shoes or belt. To make enhance the donation process, this organization usually have several drop off locations where people can conveniently make their contribution.

You could also schedule a donation pickup from your home, which is especially important when you have to donate a lot of stuff. But keep in mind, if you are donating items worth more than $250, you’ll be needing a receipt for tax deductions.

Employee a Veteran
Other than offering kind donations to Purple Heart Foundation, you could think of giving them a job. This is a great way to support veterans and their families as it helps them enjoy a smooth transition. Often after retirement, most veterans end up doing nothing. And this is not because they are unable, but simply due to lack of opportunity to lead an active and productive life. As a veteran, there are nonprofit organizations and government agencies that help veterans secure job opportunities.

Other ways you can support military families include paying their utility bills, pay school fees for their children or discounts on shopping.

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