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A Guide To Fire Alarm Installation

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For people who manage buildings, whether commercial or residential, there is no worse situation to be in than that of a fire. Whether the building is commercial or residential, the fire will do damage all the same. There is no difference in the damage that can be done by a fire depending on what kind of building it is.

What most people do not know is that it is quite easy to get ahead of these types of situations by simply managing the maintenance and installation of fire alarms. This simple process can help a building avoid serious damage done by fires by minimizing the spread of the fire before it can really do damage to the building. Here are all of the facts on fire alarm installations.

Every single year there are nearly 15 deaths and 150 injuries that are caused by hotel and motel fires. These fires could easily be toned down by trusting a professional to come and help with the process of fire alarm installations. That way, a fire alarm can alert the people present in the building when the fire is first starting.

In commercial areas with large ovens, a non-chemical suppression system will work well just about 96% when dealing with fires. This is helpful because these kitchen areas are the most susceptible areas to a dangerous fire. It is easy for a fire to grow to dangerous heights in a kitchen.

Chemical fire alarm systems are deemed to be the most effective fire alarms to have in a business or commercial area. This is because the surface burning and open flames will be suppressed by the concentration of CO2 in the air reach about 20% or less. Not only is the process of fire alarm installations, but so is making sure that you get fire alarm repairs over the course of the year to make sure the fire alarm is still working.

Just about 44% of all chemical fire alarm system failures are due simply to a lack of maintenance. So be sure to focus on the process of both fire alarm installations and fire alarm maintenance. Out of all fires that happen inside of hospitals, just about 20% are due to electrical malfunctions.

Just about half of all high-rise fires take place within four particular property classes. These four property classes involve hotels, offices, and facilities that care for the sick. When buildings have both early warning systems and automatic sprinklers it allows for the building to reduce injuries, deaths, and even property damage by up to 50%.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that the process of fire alarm installations is incredibly important to the vitality of any building whether it be commercial or residential. In both instances, the fire alarm will be relied upon to help keep people safe from the fire and to help evacuate residents when there is a fire so that way they are not trapped within the building.

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