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Different Types of Thread Forming Screws, Explained

Miniature screws

The concept of screws can go back as far as 200 B.C. It’s amazing to think that something we use daily in the modern world goes back that far in history, but it does with good reason. Screws help secure some of our favorite items in our house, including our furniture. In fact, the U.S. screw, nut, and bolt industry employs 131,949 people, which is a good number of jobs! Turns out screws do more than just allow us to build magnificent things?they also let supply jobs to many people to help them take care of their families.

There are several different kinds of thread forming screws, and if you’re new to screws, you might not be aware of what the differences are. If you’re working with miniature screws for building something, you’ll need to understand these differences. Small screws really come in handy when building intricate items for the home or for use in other projects.

1. Trilubular

These are designed specifically for use in plastics, and they have a cross-sectional form while also being deeper, wider, and having more space. They are easier to drive into plastic, and they also have maximum resistance to vibrations that can cause the screw to get loose. This thread forming screw has very good holding capabilities for miniature screws.

2. PT Screws

These tiny thread forming screws are great for going through plastic as well during the fastening process. It is stronger than a fastener with the same diameter. They feature a different shape that makes it have incredibly strength.

3. Hi-Low Screws

These kinds of screws have a double high and low thread, which allows for less material displacement and positive thread engagement. The screws, however, require a preformed hole in order to be used properly.

Looking to learn more about tiny screws? You can find a wealth of information online, and if you’re looking for screws that can drive through plastic, these different types are your best bet. Miniature screws can seriously come in handy. Have you ever used

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