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How do You Tell Somebody You Appreciate Them?

Crystal plaques

We live in a country where we love to commemorate people for the wonderful things they do and achieve. When you think about it, there is always a reason for a celebration. You may know somebody who just celebrated their wedding anniversary to one another, or perhaps somebody who graduated from college after many years of dedication and trials, or perhaps a loved one just retired from their long-term career. No matter what the occasion, there is always a reason to let somebody know you appreciate them and what they’ve done for those around them or themselves. For this, a plaque may be the best way to keep these accomplishments written in stone.

The Importance of Recognition

Let’s look at an example: You have been working for a company for ten years and you love what you’re doing. Everyone is kind and the work is fun and light-hearted, leaving you in a position you’d be happy with for years to come. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable if your employer occasionally told you how great you’re doing as an employee and recognized your hard work? Research has shown that 86% of companies that have instilled employee recognition programs cite an increase in overall worker happiness. Your boss may consider giving you a 10 years service award or a 15 years service award depending on how long you have been in the workplace, as a way to show how appreciated you are, which is where they would turn to us. Likewise, you may give your boss a best boss award sometime around the New Year to show your gratification. 58% of people believe that, if their employers gave recognition, employee engagement would improve in a variety of ways.

Crystal Plaques

Of course, there are many more reasons to give somebody you love a personalized crystal plaque as a way to commemorate everything they have done for themselves and others, and the impact they have left. We have experience in graduation plaques, military retirement plaques, or perhaps those 25th anniversary gifts for parents. In fact, crystal is the symbol used for a fifteenth wedding anniversary, so this may be a good consideration if your parents are headed to this amazing step in their lives. Don’t forget that crystal thank you gifts are also an option, giving you a creative way to give thanks to somebody who dedicated their time to helping you in your time of need, or doing something really great and caring for your family. Our crystal thank you gifts, retirement plaques, graduation keepsakes, and more can leave a lasting impact on somebody and show them, “I care about you and your effort in my life.”

Every year, people are enjoying some of the greatest, most successful times in their lives: from raises at work, to graduation from high school, to that wedding anniversary they have been waiting for. Crystal retirement plaques, crystal thank you gifts, and more can make them feel as if they have left a lasting impression and that they have not been forgotten.

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