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Archive for January, 2018

What are LTL Shipment and How Can They Help Your Business

Types of transportation broker software

LTL shipping has increased in popularity over the years and is currently an estimated $35 billion market. Transportation of goods is and always will be a necessity that majority of businesses must utilize. There are approximately 12 million trains, vessels and trucks involved in transportation process, so choosing the right one can be hard. Knowing the benefits for shipping full loads and loads that aren’t full can be the difference between saving your company money and costing your company money.

What is LTL

LTL shipments means less-than-truckload shipments. These shipments are typically smaller than a typical

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When Was the Last Time Your Business Had New Signage? Consider the Benefits of LED Signs

Signage for businesses

On a daily basis, people come into contact with all types of advertising and marketing materials. In addition to print and online advertisements and copy, they also see a considerable amount of signage. Billboards, scrolling marquee signs, and other types of outdoor electronic signs are a common sight in residential and downtown areas. Signage is also seen, of course, on roads, highways, and freeways.

A recent survey showed that having clear signage can make a difference in whether or not someone discovers a business. If it hadn’t been for seeing a business’ sign, 35% of the survey’s participants wouldn’t have known about a particular business. Since 85% of a businesses’ existing or prospective customers live or work within five miles, having effective signage assists with directing and attracting

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Does Your Business Have the Best-Possible Sign? Learn More About How Consumers Are Affected by Signage

Sign installers pittsburgh

Business signage is similar to a product label. Imagine a row of cans without any information indicating what’s inside them. In the same way, a business without a sign doesn’t reveal the nature of that business, either. A recent consumer survey showed that 60% of the participants wouldn’t enter a business if it didn’t have a sign. Furthermore, 70% of the participants stated that there is a direct relationship between a business’ quality and its sign.

Many consumers will remember a business due to its sign. The aforementioned survey found that this was true of 79% of American consumers. When a business has a memorable sign, there’s an increased chance that customers will return to that store when they view the sign again.

On-site signage has demonstrated its value by attracting and maint

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Tungsten Carbide What is is, What it’s Used for, and Why Recycle it?

Tungsten heavy alloys

What is Tungsten Carbide

In order to fully understand the benefits of recycling tungsten carbide, one must first know exactly what Tungsten Carbide is. Tungsten was discovered over 200 years ago in the year 1780, but it wasn’t applied to the industry for an extra 159 years. This metal is usually referred to as a hard metal. Tungsten is actually a composite metal. The definition of a composite material is one that is made with tow or more materials that each have different compositions. This means that when combined within four major mineral forms and calcium, manganese or iron the metal known as tungsten is formed.

The tungsten carbide recycling industry is important because of the roll that it plays recycling tungsten. I

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How the Government Benefits From a Streamlined Audit Process

Government inventory

When it comes to government-run warehousing where supply and demand are huge, you don’t want anything upsetting the process. The world of warehouses is changing due to demand on supplies forever rising with our growing population and the amount of businesses that are popping up each and every day. The automate and audit process plays a huge role in the way warehouses are run.

There are many types of audit software available for inventory tracking for major businesses that specialize in government inventory for businesses. In a fast-paced government-related industry, you don’t want anything to go wrong or any aspects to be missed. There are many benefits of the automate and audit

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