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Does Your Business Have the Best-Possible Sign? Learn More About How Consumers Are Affected by Signage

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Business signage is similar to a product label. Imagine a row of cans without any information indicating what’s inside them. In the same way, a business without a sign doesn’t reveal the nature of that business, either. A recent consumer survey showed that 60% of the participants wouldn’t enter a business if it didn’t have a sign. Furthermore, 70% of the participants stated that there is a direct relationship between a business’ quality and its sign.

Many consumers will remember a business due to its sign. The aforementioned survey found that this was true of 79% of American consumers. When a business has a memorable sign, there’s an increased chance that customers will return to that store when they view the sign again.

On-site signage has demonstrated its value by attracting and maintaining customer bases. Since it is both an effective advertising and branding tool, on-site signage can make a difference in sales revenue. It has also been shown that when businesses have signage on-site, it is the equivalent value of running 24 full-age newspaper ads every year. Due to its effectiveness, on-site signage can increase a business’ customer base and referrals by 75%.

Start-up businesses in particular can benefit from having quality signage. According to recent data, signs are able to bring in 50% of a new business’ customers. Whether you have a start-up or have been in business for a long period of time, you’re likely aware that people tend to move in and out of the area on a regular basis. Recent data shows that 13% to 20% of the population moves every year. Given this, businesses have the opportunity to attract the same amount of new customers when they have excellent signs.

When a business needs sign repair, it may detract customers unless they’re already part of a strong base. If your business needs sign repair, it makes good business sense to contact a local sign company to take care of this. You may, however, be interested in having one or more new custom signs installed. Were you aware, for example, that LED signs are growing in popularity? Furthermore, 83% of the businesses with LED signs have experienced an increase in sales. Whether you have a brand new business or are interested in attracting more customers, new outdoor signs can make a significant impact on your brand awareness and business growth.

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