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The Benefits Of Working With Printing Companies

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For business owners across the nation, the task of finding and sustaining success is incredibly difficult. There are so many factors that go into whether or not a business has success. Some people believe that it is all about hiring the right talent whereas some people believe you have to build the right type of work culture. However, there are also plenty of experts who believe in the power of working with printing companies.

Now, sure, this probably sounds a bit silly at first to think that printing companies can bring great benefits to a business. However, there are plenty of statistics to show that printing services can help a business in terms of advertising and marketing. Here are all of the facts on printing companies, printing services, and digital printing.

A recent survey revealed that 66% of all consumers are much more likely to remember to use a coupon or voucher if they have an actual physical copy to carry around with them. Furthermore, just about 92% of all shoppers have stated that they prefer direct mail when it comes to making purchasing decisions. So there are two ways in which working with printing companies can benefit your business directly.

The response rate for direct mail, which is advertisements sent directly to a home by mail, is the highest response rate at 3.7% No other response rate can challenge direct mail including email. social media, internet display, and mobile messaging. This is why working with printing companies can help your business succeed in terms of great self-promotion.

A USPS study was recently conducted in regards to direct mail recipients and whether or not they visited a promoted website based on their mail. This survey revealed that just about 60% of all direct mail recipients went on to visit the website promoted within the direct mail promotional items. This is the greatest influence on first-time shoppers and is a great way for you to utilize the work of printing companies to help boost your businesses success.

Another survey has revealed that almost 40% of all customers have stated that they will try a business for the very first time because they received direct mail. This again points to how successful direct mail marketing is in terms of working with printing companies to help spread the word about your business. The investment ratio for direct mail marketing also yields on average a 13-to-1 return on investment.

A recent survey revealed that over 75% of all millennials will pay attention to advertising that they receive in the mail. This is why physical advertisements are consistently utilized by business across the nation. Working with printing companies is low cost and yet gets businesses the highest amount of attention.

In Conclusion

Any business owner that wants to boost their profits or even their websites traffic would benefit greatly from working with printing companies. The services provided by these companies are low cost and yet they will help business owners net a great amount of money and attention for their business.

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