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The Top Five Ingredients Necessary To Create Secure Online And Print Mailing Options

Print mailing

Your mail service can make or break your business.

Customers don’t want to feel like their information is compromised just by giving you the benefit the doubt. In fact, losing a person’s mail or failing to encrypt it properly can lose you a customer for life. Make sure you keep their best interests in mind when you choose your mail labels, printable stamps and online options this year. There are more than enough options to choose from nowadays, from more secure online encryption for e-mail to customized print options to encourage repeat buyers. Print certified mail labels are an element no modern business can be without, so brush up on the top five additions you should be jotting down on your to-do list before the month wraps up.

Security Measures

The first, and most important step, is to make sure your mail labels are secure. Whether you’re a DMV that needs to send sensitive information or a law office that needs to ensure authority behind each envelope, your mail labels are only as good as your security measures. Envelopes should be thick and unable to be casually penetrated or scanned on their way to their destination. The wax seal is still a reliable way to ensure an envelope isn’t tampered with, as thieves will go to great lengths to cover their tracks.

Online Convenience

It’s all about convenience these days. Make sure your establishment stays ahead of the curve by providing online options for print mailing. This can mean being able to request secure documents online or just being able to view printable stamp options through a secure browser. Data theft is on the rise and it’s estimated one out of every three businesses will see its information stolen right out from under them. This isn’t just limited to smaller businesses, either, as large corporations are putting more time and effort into protecting their data.

Custom Postage

Customers want to know they matter. A great way to celebrate each individual that does business with you is to provide them with custom postage mailing options. These stamps, envelopes and photos can be customized online or in-store, allowing each and every person to express the impact your company has on them. Reach out and get customer feedback on your mail labels to ensure you’re satisfying a need instead of filling up a demand that isn’t there. If this means more colors or more size options, make that a note to jot down for the future.

Postage Costs

Postage is pricey. There are ways to reduce these costs, however, and keep your business in the green. Transitioning to online mail is a good way to chip away at the financial strain of printing without throwing it out entirely. Custom postage can also help bring some money back as you encourage customers to give their own unique spin on their mailing options. A recent study from JustTech found over 90% of businesses don’t track how much they spend on office printing, which can absolutely leak over into print mail labels.

Advanced Mail Options In 2018

We all rely on secure mail to get where we need to go. Having our medical records billed to us from our clinic, a court order sent to our doorstep or just a simple reminder to pin to our refrigerator…we would be living in chaos without the combined efforts of updated technology and savvy security measures. Your mail labels should be just as trustworthy as the rest of your business. Make sure you combine as many options as possible to keep from putting all your eggs in one basket, from bolstering your online encryption measures to buying more secure envelopes for your customers.

Make sure 2018 is the most secure year yet for mail labels and postage.

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