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When Was the Last Time Your Business Had New Signage? Consider the Benefits of LED Signs

Signage for businesses

On a daily basis, people come into contact with all types of advertising and marketing materials. In addition to print and online advertisements and copy, they also see a considerable amount of signage. Billboards, scrolling marquee signs, and other types of outdoor electronic signs are a common sight in residential and downtown areas. Signage is also seen, of course, on roads, highways, and freeways.

A recent survey showed that having clear signage can make a difference in whether or not someone discovers a business. If it hadn’t been for seeing a business’ sign, 35% of the survey’s participants wouldn’t have known about a particular business. Since 85% of a businesses’ existing or prospective customers live or work within five miles, having effective signage assists with directing and attracting customers.

Many individuals think about their shopping needs and desires while they’re driving. A recent poll showed that 85% of their participants indicated this applied to them.More specifically, these individuals would make some, or even a large percentage, of their shopping decisions at this time. When individuals are already parked in or walking around a shopping area, all it may take is a unique sign to draw them into a business establishment.

If a business changes or adds a new sign, this, too, can make a difference in overall sales revenue. Studies have shown that when a business replaces their front door or window sign with a larger sign, that this has the potential to increase business revenue by 7.7%. Furthermore, when considering the amount of money that businesses spend on advertising, an on-site sign can bring a larger return on this investment. It’s been demonstrated that adding a new, larger sign is the equivalent of running 24 full-page newspaper ads a year.

LED signs are an excellent way to draw attention to a business. Since there are so many choices available, such as full-color LED signs, a business can make a unique statement. Digital signs for business can provide hours of operation, contact information, and special announcements, It’s also important to note that LEDs are becoming more prominent within the global lighting market. It’s been estimated that this will amount to a 53% market penetration in 2019.

If you’ve just launched a new business or have an existing one, consider the benefits of installing LED signage. Since LED signs are available in a variety of styles, you can find one that suits your business. While you may still choose to run full-color print ads or post them online, there’s a good chance that you will receive more business from having an LED sign.

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