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Create a Healthier and More Attractive Retail Center With Regular Street and Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Parking lot cleaners

Street sweeping services provide a valuable contribution to the environment. While these types of services are more common and necessary in congested urban areas, parking lots and retail centers also benefit from commercial sweeping services. When these and other areas are cleaned and swept on a regular basis, a considerable amount of debris can be removed.

What Street Sweepers Can Accomplish

In addition to removing both small and large pollutants from city streets, a street sweeping rental service can also collect and remove paper, leaves, and other debris that collects along curb gutters. This is important because when debris is allowed to collect on city streets, it can block stormwater facilities. As a result, this can cause, or contribute to, flooding during heavy rain storms.

Different Types of Pollutants

In addition to regular debris, such as leaves, paper, and plastic, run-off pollution from roads and highways is also a significant concern. When it rains or the snow melts, this washes off roads and bridges as well as parking lots and rooftops. Run-off pollution can also occur with other types of impermeable surfaces. This includes outdoor seating and entertainment areas.

While it does depend on the location, these and other pollutants may be causing a number of environmental health and safety concerns:

  • Vehicle grease and toxic chemicals
  • Turf-management and gardening nutrients and pesticides
  • Viruses and bacteria from failing or failed septic systems
  • Road salts
  • Heavy metals

Environmental and Social issues Caused by Pollutants

According to a recent National Water Quality Inventory, a number of the country’s estuaries were surveyed. It was determined that urban run-off was the major cause for the impairment of these delicate eco-systems.

Due to the air pollution located in parking areas, serious health and environmental damages have been caused. Studies show that this pollution alone costs between $6 to $23 billion a year.

Learn More About Parking Lot Cleaning and Other Available Services

Do you own or manage a retail center, office building, or another type of establishment, such as a public parking lot? If so, have you considered the benefits of having a street sweeper rental service take care of your grounds? Since a street sweeper rental service can take care of the surrounding gutters, sidewalks, and parking areas, this will create a safer, healthier, and more appealing environment.

When you contact a street sweeper rental service, you will be able to learn more about setting up a schedule along and parking lot sweeping prices. You may also be interested to learn more about road sweeping services at this time as well.

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