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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Boilers And Heat Exchangers

Pressure vessels

The ITT Neo Dyn has become an ITT standard, proving the pressure and temperature controls that have come to be expected from fuel oil heaters and boilers. The ITT Neo Dyn can provide efficiency and safety while performing to the highest standard, heating a boiler effectively without compromising the safety of consumers.

Hot water storage tanks are an integral part of our lives. After all, no one particularly likes taking an ice cold shower. We use hot water in all parts of our lives, though, from putting on a load of laundry into a washing machine to running a dishwasher or even washing our dishes by hand. A boiler helps to provide the hot water that we use for all of these functions, but we rarely think about how a boiler works, if we even think about our boiler at all.

But the boiler and heat exchanger market are better than ever, garnering about $7 billion dollars in revenue in 2013 alone. The market for heat exchangers is even expected to reach over $19 billion dollars in revenue by 2021. Heat exchangers sell so well in part because they last for so long. In fact, the shell portion of a heat exchanger can last for over forty years if kept in good condition and serviced regularly.

So what really is a heat exchanger (the ITT Neo Dyn is a good example of one)? A heat exchanger, of which there are three main types (parallel flow configuration, cross flow configuration, and shell and tube configuration), is a machine used to transfer heat between two different fluids or even between solid particulates and a fluid. The cross flow configuration heat exchanger, for example, has fluids passing each other more than once. This type of heat exchanger can also be called a multi pass heat exchanger.

Heat exchangers are an important part of our lives. They help to keep us safe in the winter and comfortable at any time of year. Without hot water, our lives would certainly not be as enjoyable. We don’t really think about how often we need hot water as part of our daily lives, but a heat exchanger or boiler helps to make it commonplace. They are such reliable machines that we don’t often need to even think about them.

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