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Promote Your Products With Custom Printed Packaging

Custom rigid boxes

The way in which a product is packaged makes a significant difference for many consumers. Since most purchasing decisions are made when people are in a store, the right type of packaging can draw their attention. Furthermore, since more and more Americans are realizing the importance of recycling, they often search for environmentally-friendly packaging that contains important product information as well.

When shopping at the supermarket, for example, the average American consumer tends to come into contact with over 20,000 products. While these individuals may have a shopping list, there’s a good chance that other items will attract their attention and appeal to their values and tastes. Since recent estimates indicate that 60% to 70% of an individual’s purchase decisions will be made while in they are in the store, quality packaging definitely makes a difference.

In addition to making note of the way in which a product is packaged, many shoppers will also read the package itself. A recent survey revealed that 85% of consumers will read these packages and make an informed purchase decision as a result. Furthermore, various studies have revealed that 40% of consumers will also post photos of interesting packaging on their social media sites. The same applies to brands that resonate with their values and interests.

When businesses focus their attention on presentation packaging, such as custom printed packaging, this can provide them with an excellent opportunity. In addition to showcasing their unique product, they also have the ability to increase brand awareness and sales revenue. Recent reports revealed that consumer interest was increased by 30% when businesses focused on custom presentation boxes and other types of promotional packaging.

A large percentage of grocery store and other consumer items are packaged in cardboard. The same holds true for more than 90% of the items that are shipped throughout the United States. It’s important to note that when a single ton of cardboard is recycled, nine cubic yards of landfill space, 700 gallons of water, and 46 gallons of oil are saved. Just imagine what a difference recycling even more cardboard would make!

Since you want to experience business growth, eye-catching promotional packaging is an excellent marketing strategy. Once consumers see your new custom promotional packaging, it has the capacity to increase your brand awareness and overall revenue. There’s an excellent chance that you will also note more website traffic. This is what occurs when happy customers post your interesting package design on their social media sites.

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