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College Is Not the Only Way to Set the Stage for a Successful Future

Roller burnishing

We are a nation divided. From the income of those with the most to the income of the those with the least. From the families whose children attend strong private schools to families whose children attend struggling public school institutions. As the nation comes to terms with the divides that threaten our country, it does appear that their is one equalizer available that not everyone is taking advantage of: post high school education and career choice.
In a time when students in the U.S. have been encouraged to attend college and achieve at least a four year degree, the reality is that there remains a growing demand for jobs that take less traditional schooling. And while there are still many charts and statistics indicating that the more college education you have the more income you will make, there is also a contradictory trend as well. As more and more Americans encourage their children to attend college and achieve at least a four year degree, a more silent group is advising students to start working right out of high school, or at the very least after a one or two year affordable career training program.
In today’s divided nation, there as a growing need for more people to enter the trade fields. From welders to electricians to workers who have been trained in specifics like chipless machining methods and single-point tools and their uses, our nation is in need of workers who are spending less times in school and more time in their occupations, already earning money and avoiding the need for expensive college tuition bills.

Many industries find themselves strapped when it comes time to finding the workers that they need. And while there are still many reasons for many to work toward and complete various levels of college degrees, the fact of the matter is that there are great hourly wages to be made for workers who have been trained in everything from diamond burnishing skills to chipless machining methods. Industries that are fully staffed with already trained workers, for instance, are more successful in providing short lead times to their largest customers and faster feed rates.

If you are a high school student who is nearing graduation or the parent of one, it is important to remember that not all jobs require a four year college degree. For many who take a focused approach, a high paying skilled labor job is available with a certified trade certificate. If you are looking to narrow the gap between the those who have much and those who have little, you would do well to consider your future career options before going thousands of dollars into debt for college degrees. A certified training program in chipless machining methods, for instance, may be your ticket to a high paying job that is in high demand.

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