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Problems Associated With the Use of a Heat Press Machine

Graphtec vinyl cutter

The sign and digital printing business is a competitive yet profitable artistic venture. That’s why it’s essential for anyone who is in the business to consistently produce quality content. And this is one key to ensure repetitive business.

However, when it comes to the application of heating press machines, things may not be as smooth as expected, as there are bound to be complications and challenges with the usage. In this article, we are going to learn some of the common mistakes that arise when using the heat press machine and how to avoid them effectively.

1.Poor choice of transfer paper
There is a direct correlation between the end product of your designs and the transfer paper you use with the heat press machine. Whether you are transferring your designs onto t-shirts, mugs, caps, umbrellas or any other item, it’s important to choose quality transfer paper that can offer you the best output.

In addition, ensure that the type of transfer paper you choose will be the best fit for the item you want to imprint design on. Otherwise, you’ll end up with poor quality design and printing on your items. The most common wax-free tracing paper used with heating press machines is the graphite transfer paper. It’s ideal for craft and art projects in transferring designs from a template, pattern, sketch or freehand from one surface to another.

2.Right transfer paper but wrong application
Another pitfall while using the heat press machine is the inappropriate use of the right transfer sheet. While you may have the best tracing paper, overlooking the sides of the paper can affect the entire print work. Ensure the print goes on the coated side and not the other side with lines on it. Also, don’t forget to mirror image your design before it’s printed on the transfer sheet.

Some heat press machines come with various modes including the mirror transfer paper mode, which should make printing easy for you. If your machine lacks this option, then do some experiment on regular paper to see how the printout will appear on your transfer paper.

3.Inappropriate transferring machine
Once you get the correct transfer paper and understand which sides to imprint your designs, conduct a thorough inspection of your heating press machine. This will uncover potential problems and helps you determine if the machine is right for the task ahead. Clean any dust residues and be sure to check the positioning of the paper on the machine.

Before you start to press, you should allow the machine to attain maximum temperature to allow proper image transfer. If the machine won’t heat up enough, then you may end up with an unsuitable design that starts can easily peel off.

4.Crooked and discolored design
These are perhaps the most common mishaps with heating press machines. To avoid these, ensure that the item to be printed is loaded correctly in the machine. It’s should lie flat and you can either use a simple ruler or a homemade template to position it properly.

Another simple create a pitch-perfect design is to fold your item into two. For instance, a shirt should be folded in half from one sleeve to the other, and press to create a center line in the garment. This should create a crooked free printout.

Missing designs is yet another plague common with heat press machines. And it usually occurs when imprinting a design on an incomplete fabric. So, make sure the garment to be printed has been completed and this can be made possible by some industrial software programs. Such programs alert the printer before you initiate the mirroring imaging process.

All things considered, don’t be surprised if you encounter other problems along the way, they are not unusual. Provided you understand how to deal with these common heat press mistakes, you can easily avert minors ones and be on a path of producing quality designs.

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