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The Properties and Value of Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten heavy alloys

Tungsten carbide is one of the most used products in manufacturing nowadays, and for good reason. Tungsten carbide is a material with extreme hardness, stiffness, and durability, providing long-lasting use, whether new or recycled.

What is Tungsten Carbide?

Composite materials, like tungsten carbide, is produced when two or more materials are combined, in which they have different chemical components, thus forming to create a singular material. Tungsten carbide is a composite material that is both equal parts tungsten and carbon. Tungsten, in its base form, appears naturally only when combined in major mineral forms with the likes of calcium, iron or manganese.

Tungsten carbide is produced primarily when fine tungsten powder is chemically combined with carbon at 1400 to 2000 degrees Celsius. The final result is tungsten carbide in the form of a very finely ground powder, one that is a soft a grayish hue. This powder can be be pressed and formed into its necessary compounds, wherein it can be fitted for jewelry, industrial machines, cutting materials, and more.

What Makes Tungsten Carbide So Great?

Why is it that tungsten carbide is so sought after by tungsten carbide suppliers? The reason tungsten carbide suppliers and recyclers is the fact that is an extremely tough composite material.

  • On the 0-10 Moh’s hardness scale, tungsten carbide falls between 8.5 and 9, falling right behind that of diamonds
  • Tungsten carbide has double the density of steel and is about twice as stiff
  • Tungsten comes in a variety of different grades (well over a dozen), so it can be easily used for different applications, as needed

Tungsten carbide recycling
, for this reason, is a large trade, and its part of the reason that tungsten carbide suppliers are seeking it at such a high rate.

Tungsten Carbide Recycling

Tungsten carbide scrap is valuable for its hardness, density, stiffness, and ability to be shaped for many types of applications. The composite material can be easily ground back into its fine powder, where it can then be constructed into whatever form necessary.

This is the primary reason that tungsten carbide suppliers seek the material out, as it has properties that are highly valuable in any form. In particular, 66% of all of the tungsten carbide available for scrap has been used in U.S. manufacturing or has been exported for recycling purposes. And for anyone that happens to have their hands on tungsten carbide material, or on a product that is made of tungsten carbide, it can catch a pretty penny, sometimes being sold to suppliers and recyclers for up to $14 per pound.

While you might not imagine it, it’s quite likely that your tungsten carbide can go to good use, no matter the product, form, or material that it is currently been manufactured into. If you’re looking to get it off of your hands, greatly consider seeking out tungsten carbide suppliers and/or recyclers, for they can greatly benefit from the compound, re-purposing it for future use, all without having to produce anymore of the compound. It’s the green initiative, and the best option at that.

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