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Potential Legal Issues In The Workplace

Intellectual property law

For many legal issues, such as labor racketeering, that can occur within a work place, mediation services and the involvement of legal counsel can be hugely beneficial. Work related problems like labor racketeering are hugely common across the United States, with a number of problems prevalent across various industries.

In industrial areas, the issue of pollution is a large one. The people that live near industrial plants are often negatively affected by the amount of pollution that is released into the air and often the water. In fact, if the air pollution that typically comes from industrial plants was reduced, up to five thousand lives could be saved. Global warming, in which industrial plants play a huge role, will have a negative impact on many populations around the world, even those that do not live in the direct proximity of an industrial plant. One example of this will be seen in water shortages, which are projected to affect nearly half of all counties in the lower half of the continental United States, though the effects will also be widespread around the world. Environmental law is something that companies who own and operate industrial plants must contend with, especially as more and more of a push for environmental preservation occurs. With nearly half of the general population of the United States concerned about issues like global warming, pollution, and methane emission, the increase in environmental activism, as well the things like oil and gas litigation has been on the rise.

Employment discrimination, as well as other instances of mistreatment of employees, such as in cases of labor racketeering, is another problem that is commonly seen in the work force across the United States. In many of these cases, mediation is particularly helpful, and keeps the majority of civil cases and suits outside of the courtroom. In fact, a scant one percent of civil cases are ever seen before a judge, with the vast majority able to be settled before that become necessary. This percentage is down from the early 1960s, when just over ten percent of all civil cases were brought to trial. Aside from issues such as employment discrimination and labor racketeering, disputes over intellectual property law have often occurred in workplaces across the country, in various different industries. In these cases, mediation can also be a solution in order to avoid a full blown trial, and patent law will often be referenced.

There are a number of legal issues that can be likely to occur throughout different industries in the United States, from issues of environmental protection to disputes between employees and their employers, such as labor racketeering. No matter what the concern, when legal counsel is sought, it is, in most cases, able to be settled outside of a courtroom. Avoiding a full blown trial is ideal and is typically in the best interests of both parties, saving both a good amount of legal fees and bad publicity.

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