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Archive for May, 2018

Stranger Things or Strangest Things? Weird Ways People Have Used Storage Spaces

Human beings have an inordinate amount of stuff. We’ve all been in the position, seemingly over and over again, where we’re cleaning a room, closet, garage, basement, even something as small as a drawer, and we’re faced with a baffling question: where does all this stuff come from?

Our attachment to material possessions is no secret, too. We have so much stuff that the mini storage business is alive and doing so well that of the 2.3 billion square feet of secure storage facility space in the United States, as of 2015, about 90% of it is completely occupied. That’s a lot of stuff. Because self storage units are so widely used, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some people out there have used their storage rental for some strange, interesting, and creative stuff. Of course, the confines of legality have been stretched and certainly broken in some instances, but we’ve got some secure storage facility foibles that you might find intriguing.


If you’re not sure who preppers are, they’re the ones who stockpile survival supplies in case of the inevitable collapse of society as we know it: doomsday preppers. This makes us ask why they’d rely on a regulated storage space in the event of a mass societal collapse to store their survival supplies, but who are we to judge? Beyond the exaggerated nature of doomsday preppers, many people use these spaces for storing emergency supplies, within reason, for quick accessibility.

The office, studio, and gym

Musical groups, studio artists, startups, and people looking for an office space off the beaten path have definitely taken advantage of the secure storage facility. Not only does it act as a good place to store things, but why not add the extra convenience of working there, too? Tons of storage units have been turned into gyms, art studios, workshops, recording studios, and tech workspaces.

Literally a home

Sometimes this starts with storing furniture in a storage space, then progresses into organizing spatial feng shui and having people over to hang out in your out-of-home living room. The trouble is, once you’ve got a bunch of people visiting your living storage space, you’ll be attracting all sorts of attention, including the property manager who might not be keen on people using the facility as a living room. Some have even gone so far as to use it fully as a living space, which is creative, but not recommended and often pretty illegal.

Storage facilities certainly allow a level of flexibility in which you can make the space you want to see in the world, but it’s not without limitations. We’ve all seen the movies featuring clandestine meetings at abandoned storage spaces and that’s actually a reality. Get the lowdown from the people who run the place before you go setting up shop, then you can store, play, and live with your strangest things in peace.

The Necessity For Human Error Prevention Tools In Many Industries

Human error is inevitable, no matter where you may work. In fact, it’s simply a fact of life. No human being is perfect, and we all mess up sometimes. However, human error prevention tools can be utilized by many different industries all across the United States to limit the amount of human error. Though human error is, at least to some extent, inevitable, the damage it does can be mitigated by human error prevention tools like CAPA training online or even regulatory compliance courses online, depending on the extent of the toll that human error is taking in a work place or to a company or business.

There are many causes for the need for human error prevention tools. For one, stress can have a major impact on a number of factors when it comes to the workplace, no matter whether that stress originates within the workplace itself our outside of it as part of the personal lives of the employees who work their. Stress can not only decrease productivity in more than half of all survey

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Event Planning From Corporate Seminars to Weddings

Event planning involves completing a rather substantial list of tasks. In order for an event to be successful, it’s always a good practice to plan ahead as much as possible. While it will of course depend on the type of event being organized, a to-do list usually includes setting the date, reserving the venue, and creating the guest list. Event planners may also need to focus on menus, decorations, speakers, and other important aspects to ensure that the event runs smoothly and is a memorable occasion.

A recent poll found that 61.2% of organizers are involved with planning corporate events. These types of events, such as employee appreciation days or training and team-building seminars, are considered to be the second most popular type of event to plan. The survey also found that 39% of event planners have experienced some issues, however. The primary challenges that they’ve recently experienced are with rising trade show costs, budgets, and resource management.

Wedding plan

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Both Large and Small Shipments Contribute to the Nation’s Economy

I want it now!
In many ways, this might be the mantra of today’s consumer. It is no enough any more that we find the right pair of shoes that we want to wear to a wedding or that we locate the right kind of trade show exhibit display walls. Today’s consumer wants to find a way to get what they want as soon as possible.
Behind the scenes, however, is an entire industry of transportation brokers and logistics experts who work with shipment tracking integration systems to make sure that they can meet the demands of today’s consumers. One layer behind the people who work on the shipping for individual companies are another group of professionals who work on the less than load (LTL) transportation of relatively small freight. The alternatives to LTL shipment carriers are parcel carriers or full truckload carriers. In some ways it is difficult to imagine that these carriers are often handling small packages and fre

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Hire a Business Development Consultant to Find the Best Way Forward for Your Business

If you run or manage a business, it is likely that you already appreciate the importance of growth and making progress. Businesses prosper by generating more and more revenue and bringing more and more customers on board. There is also the opportunity to scale up and branch out into different industries and increase the scope and reach of your business. Going forward, some of the things that play a big role in progress are the plans and strategies that you formulate to achieve that progress. Finding the way forward is by no means an easy task and this is where a lot of business owners devote a lot of their time, effort, and resources. A great way to find the right route for business development is to engage the services of a business development consulting company.

When it comes to making sustained progress over time, there are a number of factors that you need to work together for these to be accomplished. Business development is a combination of a number of different strategies

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