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4 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Forklifts

Businesses across the world depend on forklifts to complete a wide range of tasks. Considering that, you’ll typically find forklifts in warehouses throughout the world. Forklifts are able to gather and place materials in situations where the weight load is far too much for humans to handle safely. Unfortunately, a forklift can become a major workplace hazard if not properly maintained. With that in mind, here are four signs that it’s time to contact forklift repair services.

  • Blade Wear is Taking Place

    While not exactly blades in the traditional sense, these devices are the arms of a forklift. Many forklifts handle weight anywhere from one to five tons. In addition, heavy duty forklifts are able to handle weight in excess of 50 tons. Considering these numbers, you’re likely to need to replace these parts as time goes on. It’s best to regularly check these blades for any signs of wear. These signs including cracking or if the blades themselves appear warped or bent.
  • Forklift Tires Look Irregular

    While not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a forklift, the tires are an important part of this machine. Considering that, you’ll want to check these tires for any signs of wear before use. The first thing to check for is if any peeling or cracking is taking place. This is a major sign of wear and could place any future forklift operator in a lot of danger. Also, make sure that the tires appear round and not oval shaped as this could be an indicator of excess wear.
  • Constantly Exposed to the Elements

    A forklift driven in an indoor warehouse instead of outside in the snow are two vastly different conditions. Considering that, it’s important to think about which environments your forklifts are being used in. Businesses using these machines in extreme temperatures or hazardous environments are likely to need forklift repair services more often than other companies.
  • Operating Hour Limit is Approaching

    In certain situations, there is only so much that forklift repair services can do. Every forklift maintains what is known as a set of operating hours. After a forklift has been used for a certain amount of hours, the machine must be replaced. Considering that, it’s wise to check the documentation of your forklift to find operating hour limits.

In conclusion, there are several signs that your forklift needs to either be repaired or replaced. If you’re in need of either of these options, it’s important to find a parts replacement service that offers equipment expertise. Statistics show that forklift accidents account for 10% of all injuries occurring in factories and warehouses. Therefore, it’s important to partner with reliable and reputable forklift repair services. In turn, you’ll be able to find out whether these pieces of equipment require repairs or replacements.

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