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Archive for June, 2018

4 Popular Types of Freight Shipments

There are many drivers currently working throughout the United States. Statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that nearly 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers currently transport freight throughout the United States. In addition, many drivers are receiving increased amounts of works due to the popularity of the world of ecommerce. One study found that the current value of ecommerce revenue has reached a total of $423.3 billion and will continue to climb. Many of these ecommerce giants utilize load boards to ensure their products are successfully transported. With that in mind, here are four popular types of freight shipments.

  • Less Than Truckload

    Many within the transportation industry are profiting from LTL shipments. Also known as less than truckload, Read more ...

Three Reasons to Use Temp Agencies in your On-Boarding Process

Nearly 6 in 10 employers view employee retention as a problem, and it’s easy to see why: when an employee leaves a company, it can cost their employer over 150% of the employee’s original salary in lost revenue, interviewing, and training of a replacement. Not all employers immediately consider temp agencies when looking to fill a position (in part because the temp in temp agency implies that it is for short-term positions only), but study after study shows that working with a quality staffing agency can streamline your on-boarding process. Here are a few of the reasons to consider using a temp agency next time you have an opening.

Staffing agencies give you access to a wider applicant pool.

In a single week, over 3 million people will work with a staffing company to find short and long term work. Not only can a temp agency connect you

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Why Builders Have Used and Valued Marble for Thousands of Years

Marble has been valued for its beauty and used around the world for important buildings for thousands of years. From the palazzos of Venice to the Taj Mahal, it stands for beauty, elegance, and craftsmanship. And yet this luxury material is also surprisingly practical, and environmentally friendly. As a natural stone, marble is a sustainable material. It can be used in homes to emphasize certain features such as kitchens, counters, and patios, to evoke a classic look of elegance. Marble slabs for sale can make adding a luxurious touch to any construction surprisingly affordable.

A history of marble construction
Marble has been prized and used as a building material for thousands of years, going back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was used not only as an architectural material but also for art, design, and sculpture. In fact, it may be most familiar to many people in the form of the Greek and Roman statues that are the classics of western art.

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Spending a Weekend Both Working and Playing Is a Great Family Bonding Approach

You feel very good about how the weekend went. In addition to enjoying some time on the golf course with the whole family, you also spend some time cleaning out bedroom closets and dressers, as well as kitchen cupboards and drawers. Everyone in the family enjoyed the golf game, and while cleaning and sorting is not really anyone’s idea of fun, the clean and organized house made it all worth the effort.
Knowing that the clothes and household items that you got rid of were going to organizations known for helping families in need makes all of the work very rewarding. From veterans clothing donations that are picked up at your home to clothing drop off locations, there are a number of convenient ways to help you make a difference.
Even when families spend time golfing and enjoying other outdoor activities together, it is important to make sure that you also spend time helpi

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The Benefits of Using a Direct Mailing Service

One of the most difficult industries to work in is the advertising and marketing industry. This is because this industry changes so often that those working within must scramble to meet new schemes and trends. Thus, it is important that businesses hire talented advertisement workers to understand the benefits of a direct mailing service.

The top three response-rate tracking methods include online trackings such as PURLs, telephone, and codes or coupons. These are the best ways to determine the way in which people are responding to direct mailing. While the uninformed may not view this as a viable way to market, experts know that it is one of the best ways to promote products and businesses.

The most impressive aspect of using a direct mailing service for marketing is that customers actually like it. Up to 56% of customers think direct mail marketing is the most trustworthy form of marketing. Here are all of the facts on direct mailers and the most effective form of marketing

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