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Archive for June 7th, 2018

The Importance Of The Industry Of Transportation And Logistics In The United States

The typical expedited freight company has become all the more needed in the United States in recent years. An expedited freight company serves and important purpose, and LTL freight services (often conducted through an expedited freight company itself) are now in high demand. From pharmaceuticals transportation to trade show shipments to expedited domestic shipping services, it’s no wonder that the transportation and logistics industry in the United States reached nearly one and a half trillion dollars in 2015 alone – and has continued to grow in the few years since. The United States transportation and logistics industry alone makes up nearly ten percent of the total gross domestic product in one year in the United States.

This ca

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4 Tips For Sidewalk Upkeep

Sidewalk repair is an often neglected community and property project, but there are some good reasons to make sure that our sidewalks are in good shape and some simple remedies for keeping sidewalks in good shape and minimizing the need for sidewalk repair.

  • Keep up preventative sidewalk repair from the beginning. There are simple things you can do to avoid needing more sidewalk repair than is necessary. For one thing, never park your car or any other heavy equipment on the sidewalk. Sidewalks were not made for that kind of weight and the concrete or asphalt will not react well to the pressure. Another important piece of preventative care is to remove damaging things before they can ruin the pavement. This includes substances we use, like tar or paint, but also natural substances like snow, ice, or salt.
  • Keep an eye to the future. Some sidewalk killers

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