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4 Tips For Sidewalk Upkeep

Sidewalk repair is an often neglected community and property project, but there are some good reasons to make sure that our sidewalks are in good shape and some simple remedies for keeping sidewalks in good shape and minimizing the need for sidewalk repair.

  • Keep up preventative sidewalk repair from the beginning. There are simple things you can do to avoid needing more sidewalk repair than is necessary. For one thing, never park your car or any other heavy equipment on the sidewalk. Sidewalks were not made for that kind of weight and the concrete or asphalt will not react well to the pressure. Another important piece of preventative care is to remove damaging things before they can ruin the pavement. This includes substances we use, like tar or paint, but also natural substances like snow, ice, or salt.
  • Keep an eye to the future. Some sidewalk killers are hard to spot. Tree roots and leaking water lines can be serious problems for a sidewalk, so watch for early signs of damage from these sorts of things. Sidewalk repair is easiest and cheapest when it’s done before something becomes a huge issue. This also means it’s important to trim down brush and vegetation so that you can see the sidewalk easily.
  • Do seasonal maintenance where needed. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you’ll need to watch out for salt and de-icing products, and possibly even damage from sidewalk snow plows. Ice heave, spalling, or scaling might also require sidewalk repair, as water freezes and expands. Concrete allows some air and water to seep in, but there’s not room in there for water to freeze and expand. When it does, it can pop off the top layer. Getting a fresh seal coating for a sidewalk and sealing concrete cracks can help minimize issues later on.
  • Call in a good pavement company to do the job right. Haphazard or slapdash sidewalk repair will just mean more issues down the line. Concrete has to be thoroughly cleaned to get all the pores wide open. That way, sealant and top-coatings will stick and be effective at keeping out moisture and salts. Cracks also need to be dealt with correctly but using a circular saw to make the edges of the crack match so that patching adheres correctly.

A sidewalk in bad repair can be a hazard for people and for pets. It can also be a liability for whoever is responsible to keep it in good repair. Keep your sidewalks in good shape by proactively protecting them in the first place, and when cracks and issues arise, be sure to get them fixed the right way, right away.

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