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The Importance Of Clinical Trials For Medical Advancement Around The World

Cro clinical research trials are a huge important part of our day to day lives, though many of us may not actively realize this. After all, cro clinical research trials are behind many of the medical advances that we have seen today, providing treatments for conditions and diseases that were once thought to be very much untreatable. The advancements made during clinical trials have had a huge impact on the lives of many, from the victims of the disease itself to their loving family members and friends who have watched them suffer. Cro clinical research is, without a doubt, hugely crucial to medical advancement, and the funding of such cro clinical research trials is absolutely vital – particularly if we are looking to make new medical breakthroughs in the years to come.

There are many ways that we can directly see the way that cro clinical research trials have benefited our lives. Looking at the disease of Hepatitis C is one way where the positive impact can clearly be seen. If you are not familiar with the disease, Hepatitis C was once a disease that, once contracted, had life long consequences. It used to be that someone with Hepatitis C would need to be medicated for the rest of their entire lives with no hope of a cure. Hepatitis C often progressed to the point of significantly damaging the patient’s liver, and in some cases leading to the need for a liver transplant. Unfortunately, these liver transplants sometimes came too late, and the patient with Hepatitis C would, unfortunately, pass away before a healthy liver for the transplant could be obtained. Now, however, it’s a completely different story. Cro clinical research trials have led to a huge medical breakthrough in the case of Hepatitis C. Now, patients who have been diagnosed with the disease must only take a course of drugs lasting no longer than twelve weeks – and sometimes as few weeks in total as eight. In an astounding ninety five percent of all patients diagnosed with Hepatitis C, this course of treatment will be enough to eradicate the disease completely.

Breakthroughs have also been made in the realm of oncology. Cancer is a terrifying thing, as we all know, and in more advanced cases the treatment outcomes can look bleak. But cro clinical research trials have consistently helped to prolong the lives of cancer patients. When we do not factor in some of the standard cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy and look only at clinical trials versus oncology drugs, it is found that oncology drugs only have a success rate of just over three percent – less than five percent in total. Clinical trials, on the other hand, have had a success rate of over twenty percent.

But how do clinical trials work? They are typically broken up into four phases. A phase 1 clinical trial will be primarily focused on the safety of the drug or treatment for human use. A phase 2 clinical trial is considerably longer – as long as two years in total – and focuses on the effectiveness. A phase 3 clinical trial deals with both safety and effectiveness on a large scale and the last phase of a clinical trial, a phase 4 clinical trial, tests the long term safety of the drug or the treatment. Phase 1 clinical trials are truly just the beginning of many great breakthroughs in the world of cro clinical research.

From epilepsy studies to diabetes clinical trials, cro clinical research trials have led to many a breakthrough in the medical world. Without clinical trials, many of us would still be living with debilitating and even life shortening conditions and diseases. Clinical trials have had a largely positive effect on all of our lives, and provide hope for the future. Maybe one day cancer will be able to be completely eradicated thanks to the use of clinical trials. Maybe even the flu will be eradicated as well – and the common cold. There are so many possibilities for medical breakthroughs – we just have to take advantage of them. We have to keep striving for the future.

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