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The Importance Of The Industry Of Transportation And Logistics In The United States

The typical expedited freight company has become all the more needed in the United States in recent years. An expedited freight company serves and important purpose, and LTL freight services (often conducted through an expedited freight company itself) are now in high demand. From pharmaceuticals transportation to trade show shipments to expedited domestic shipping services, it’s no wonder that the transportation and logistics industry in the United States reached nearly one and a half trillion dollars in 2015 alone – and has continued to grow in the few years since. The United States transportation and logistics industry alone makes up nearly ten percent of the total gross domestic product in one year in the United States.

This can be attributed to the fact that more and more products and goods are being transported than ever before. In 2013, just about five years ago, no less than fifteen billion tons of cargo were transported via truck. By the year of 2040, just over twenty years from now from the current date, this number is expected to increase to a total of more than eighty billion tons per every year (and is likely to continue to increase as the years pass as well). And the average expedited freight company is transporting goods and products across larger distances than ever before. In fact, expedited freight companies report that the average length of a delivery trip has increased by nearly five percent (around four percent, to be exact) in the short span of time between the years of 2011 and 2016 alone. With more than twelve million trucks and other such vehicles designed for transporting goods and products currently on the road, there is no shortage of trucking services in the United States.

Much of this growth in the industry of transportation and logistics can be directly linked to the growth of ecommerce not only in the United States but around the world as well. Ecommerce refers primarily to purchases made through online platforms, a model of business that is relatively new (only truly gaining and growing in popularity in recent years) but has already achieved a great deal of success. In fact, ecommerce revenue in the United States alone has already significantly surpassed four hundred and twenty billion dollars. This total worth is even anticipated to continue to climb in the coming years as ecommerce platforms continue to gain traction and spread to the majority of commercial industries.

Shipping services are hugely important in the United States and around the world. For the transport of products and goods across this country, trucking services have become an absolutely vital part of the transportation industry as a whole. From less than truckload shipping to overweight shipping, many different methods and kinds of shipping are utilized to get goods where they need to be in a timely and efficient manner. As the popularity of online shopping and the ecommerce world and industry continue to grow, so too will the industry of transportation and logistics. This growth will require adjustments to be made to the current business model of the transportation and logistics industry, but will ultimately lead to a significant growth in both business and, subsequently, total profits that are made per year. The average expedited freight company is expected to a see a growth in business, and this support of such small businesses (and large businesses alike) is likely to have a profoundly positive impact on the economy of the United States as a whole.

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