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Four Tips for Finding a Good Moving Service

The average person in America will move 12 times over the course of their life. The average person 30 years old has already moved six times, and 33% of people who rent move every year. If you are ready to find a new home, then you’re also ready to consider moving. The average household in America has 300,000 things in it and that’s an awful lot to try to move by yourself. As you find a new home, start thinking now about the right moving company for you. Even before you find a new home, you may want to start asking questions so that you can find a good moving service. After all, these are the people who will be moving some of the most precious things you own. Here are four tips for finding local movers who are right for your move.

  • You cannot start too early. Once you find a new home, things are going to start moving very fast. If you wait too long, you’ll be too stressed and busy to actually find a moving company. You need to start doing research early on so you have the time to compare companies and look at their estimates. Another reason to start looking early is because you should be suspicious of a company that is available at the last minute. It’s possible there’s a reason for that.
  • Read reviews and do your homework. These days, online reviews are everywhere. While some people see the digital revolution is a mixed blessing, most of us can agree that one of the great things about the ubiquitous Internet is the ability to read plenty of reviews about any business were interested in checking up on. Trusted sites like the Better Business Bureau or Yelp will provide reviews that can give you an honest picture of any moving company’s service. It also doesn’t hurt to ask your friends and people at work for recommendations of a moving company that they have used and been satisfied with. When you find a new home, also ask your realtor for suggestions about local movers.
  • Get some estimates from your list of moving companies. Contact local movers and find out their estimate for moving your stuff. If they won’t come out and give an on-site estimate you can probably just scratch that one off your list. You want to have at least two or three options to consider as you make your final choice, and don’t forget to find out what’s included in your quote. Will you be packing everything yourself, or will the movers pack it for you? Are they providing the boxes, or do you need to do that yourself? Is the price all-inclusive, or are there fuel fees or taxes that they haven’t put on their final quote?
  • Go with your gut and check the little things. Some careful investigation should help you make your final decision. Once you’ve gotten your quotes, if there are any companies whose quotes are fantastically high or ridiculously lower than all the others, you should be suspicious. Everyone wants cheap movers, and there are cheap movers available; however, if a company is too cheap this might be a warning sign. At the same time, a company whose price is orders of magnitude more than anybody else’s is likely just stuffing their numbers. If someone’s giving you an expensive quote and you really want to use that company, ask them for a breakdown. This might reveal a legitimate reason why their prices so high or perhaps a miscommunication about what the job will entail. Same goes if you have a really cheap quote. Make sure that the movers you’re looking at have the right kind of licensure and insurance, as well. It also doesn’t hurt to ask about what safety procedures they have in place.

It’s exciting to find a new home, but that’s just the first step. After you have found the home, closed on it, and gotten the keys you still have to move into it. Moving day can be stressful, but the right moving services can make all the difference.

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