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Should I Outsource My IT Department to a Managed Service Provider?

The American workplace has a complicated relationship with outsourcing. One one hand, outsourcing can save a company tens of thousands of dollars in overhead. At the same time, qualified in-house workers may find themselves out of a job. IT is a highly specialized field, and data breaches and cybersecurity issues have become far too common.

Why Outsource?

31% of business impacted by a data breach or other cybersecurity threat experienced an average of eight hours of downtime or lost productivity. In today’s cost-conscious business climate, repeated data breaches can potentially bring a company to its knees in lost revenue.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can oversee your organization’s entire IT operations, including cybersecurity management. Other services provided can include computer network maintenance, business computer support, and computer consultants. IT support companies offer a variety of services, so it pays to research several of them.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

In 2014, the average cost of a data breach was $3.5 million, a 15% increase over the previous year. IT support companies can tailor their services to meet the IT needs of a given business, and identify its network vulnerabilities.

61% of Companies of all sizes reported return on investment (ROI) as the primary reason for utilizing an outside company for managing their IT needs.

Market Demands

The demand for managed security services and IT services is expected to double from $17.2 billion to $33.68 billion by 2020. Furthermore, the number of devices that connect to the Internet is expected to increase from 13 billion to about 50 billion by 2020, making IT services and cybersecurity services even more vital for businesses.

In today’s “leaner and meaner” business climate, outsourcing your IT services can make sense, preventing lost productivity due to data breaches and other cybersecurity issues. Time lost means revenue lost. Compromised networks and databases will erode a client’s trust in your organization over time, and they may be inclined to take their business elsewhere.

Despite the complicated relationship between businesses and outsourcing, contracting your IT services to an outside provider makes sense, freeing your business to focus on providing goods or services within your industry. In the meantime, a specialized organization devoted to maintaining your network and ensuring the safety and security of your company’s data will provide peace of mind in an uncertain business climate.

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