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Archive for August 14th, 2018

What Is CO2 Cleaning and Why Is It Useful?

One problem that is constantly facing manufacturers, those who work with industrial machines, and members of the food production industry is how to effectively and safely clean. Machines used in all these industries have to be cleaned in a way that doesn’t leave a dangerous residue where bacteria can grow, doesn’t damage delicate surfaces, and doesn’t create any hazardous waste. For most applications, the most environmentally sustainable cleaning method, and the method safest and most practical for the machines in question is CO2 blasting.

What Is CO2 Blasting?

Also known as dry ice cleaning, this method of environmentally sustainable cleaning involves the use of small pellets of dry ice, which is carbon dioxide at a temperature of -79°C. The process of dry ice blasting was invented and patented in 1955, and it works by using compressed air to blast the dry ice pellets at a high velocity

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The Development of Welding and Welding Gear

The history of welding and welding gear is the history of civilization. The act of welding itself is essential to all kinds of industry and manufacturing. Welding gear has evolved as welding techniques changed, and milestones we reached in the development of welding affected every area of life. Whether you’re a professional welder taking a break from picking up welding gas bottle refills or just interested in history, here’s how welding and welding gear have developed.

The Early Years

The first examples that we have of welding come from the Bronze Age. These simple welding techniques mainly worked with soft metals, such as gold. This type of welding was known as pressure welding and used pressure rather than heat to bring two joints together. It would be a long time before anyone needed arc welder repair, but ancient peoples in Egypt and the Middle East were able to weld together iron, and welding gear and tools have bee

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