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3d Product Mockups 3 Benefits of Using them

Products are important to consumers, but sometimes product packaging is just as important. Packaging is what draws people to a certain product sometimes, probably explaining why its the 3rd largest U.S. industry. Things on packaging influence consumer purchases, such as eco friendly or social impacts, meaning your packaging should speak to consumers. Businesses who started focusing more attention to their packaging report as much as a 30% increase in interest from consumers. Obviously packaging is important, so your packaging should be attracting consumers. Wondering how to attract more consumers with your packaging? 3d product mockups could be your answer. Read below to see how they help businesses as well as appeal to consumers.

Save Money

Using 3d product mockups can save money overtime. With the different types of mockups available and different mock prototypes companies can get a good feel for a product before money is spent actually developing the product. Producing the product requires man power and energy which could be a waste once the product is finished. This is why utlizing mockups for cosmetic packaging or any other packaging mockups can save money. The only real expense is the purchase of a tool rather than actually production of a product.


By utilizing the benefits of 3d product markups every detail of a product or its packaging can be inspected and studied. This gives color and brings the mockup to life. Everything can be checked properly and issues can be addressed immediately. The feedback from bosses, employees, consumer study groups or even stakeholders can help shape the future of the product.

Product Photos

It is always important to take photos of your own product, but sometimes these photos can come out less than perfect to actually showcase the product. This is where 3d product mockups can be beneficial. The photos represented by these mockups are perfect for showcasing your products. The lighting, color and all other aspects of the photos will be bright and vibrant showcasing your product in a way that a natural photo may not be able to.

Packaging can sometimes be just as important as the product inside the package, which is why companies should pay special attention to their packaging. A good package can last for years with minimal changes. Target more customers with attractive packaging and the help of 3d product mockups.

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