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A Look At The World Of Direct Mail Marketing In The United States And Around The World

Direct mail campaigns that incorporate digital printing have remained incredibly popular in the United States as well as in many other countries all throughout the world, such as in Canada as well as any number of other developed countries. Digital printing allows high quality images, and printing professionals can help to ensure that your direct mail marketing campaigns are as high quality as they can possibly be. And direct mail postcard and the like are far from obsolete, though many people do not still actively consider them part of the current advertising world. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as direct mail marketing campaigns are still going strong, and are still even more successful than the vast majority of digital ads, though it can feel sometimes like digital ads have taken over in the world, especially with the advancement of technology as we know it, as well a the likelihood that it will only continue to grow and grow in the years that are to come. But digital marketing campaigns are still holding really strong in the United States as well as in other parts of the world, and the use of digital printing services and wholesale printing services can be a cost effective way to increase the quality of your direct mail marketing campaign.

The statistics back this up, showing that more than ninety percent of all shoppers (ninety two percent, to be more exact) actually still prefer to get direct mail as a way to influence their ultimate shopping decisions – instead of simply looking at an online ad. And this can be directly attributed to the fact that more than sixty five percent of these shoppers – sixty six percent if, again, you are looking to be more exact in your numbers and your percentages – will actually carry around the physical direct mail marketing campaign with them as a reminder of sorts, keeping them on track all throughout the entire course of their shopping experience, something that can be ideal for a number of reasons, especially for people who are trying to limit their overall reliance on technology – even in today’s highly technological day and age. Many people also feel that direct mail marketing campaigns, especially high quality ones that make use of digital printing services and have a very high image resolution as a result of the digital printing services that have been utilized. For ninety percent of Millennials, a generation that is still very much on the younger side of things, this is the case, and direct mail marketing campaigns are often still inherently trusted over more technologically friendly online forms of advertising and marketing.

However, this does not mean that we should have all one or all the other and eradicated whatever is left behind. No, instead, we should work to combine the methods of advertising that we have, and there has been a link towards success in this method of marketing. Data shows that, among first time shoppers, more than half of all direct mail recipients can be influenced to go online and make a purchase there as a direct result of the direct mail marketing campaign. This shows very clearly just how influential a direct mail marketing campaign can be, and the influence that direct mail marketing campaigns can have on other forms of advertisement, such as online advertisement. So where as many people often feel that is has to be one or the other, direct mail marketing with digital printing or online marketing that takes advantage of the increasing reliance on technology in our world as it is today, this is actually not the case at all. While some marketing campaigns will always have more overall success if they remain separate from other types of marketing, the combination of marketing strategies can be awesomely influential, and can lead to better results than either type of marketing would have had on its own in any given marketing or advertising campaign. Direct mail marketing, especially when digital printing services are used, is holding strong.

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