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Encouraging More Engagement can Increase Phone Sales

Customer call centers are great at reaching out to inactive customers and seeing if they would like to be customers again. It can cost companies 25% more to recruit and bring in a new customer versus keeping an existing customer. One way this is done with a marketing call center that places outbound sales calls to these customers. Customers will purchase when they feel that they are valued with about 70% of customers buying experiences being based on nothing more than how they feel they were treated as a customer and whether they were valued or not. That is why it’s important for a customer service call center or an inbound sales call center to focus on superior customer service. Use these tips to help your customer call center employees actively engage with customers while on the phone.


Scripts are important for guiding your customer call center representatives with what to say, but that doesn’t mean they should boring and sound like a robot reading off of a script. Encourage breaks from the scrips so that representatives can actively engage with customers. Encourage them to talk to the individuals on the phone. Ask questions and listen, offer advice but don’t just read off a script.


Encourage your reps to understand that each person they talk to is an individual. This means that they all have individualized needs and wants and no two will be the same. Customer call center agents should be able to treat each person individually based on those needs. They should be able to address those needs and offer a solution, which may not be the same solution as the last two solutions.


Assess your agents to ensure that they are delivering quality results. In such a fast paced driven environment it can quickly seem like the agents are not important or they are forgotten about. Frequent assessments should be done and accurate detailed feedback should be given to the employee. This should be made to shame the employee, but to encourage them to work towards being better than they were before.

Cell phones are providing individuals with the opportunity to choose not to answer calls that don’t want to, but phone calls are still important for sales. About one trillion dollars that consumers spend is influenced by these phone conversations. Take those calls seriously and train your agents to do the same. It could be the difference in a return customer or a customer lost forever.

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