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Five Reasons You Need Professionals to Build Your Phone Booth

Are you in need of an office phone booth? most workplaces these days are realizing that the drive for open offices and cooperative workspaces has both its ups and downs. On the one hand, open offices can facilitate communication. On the other, they can seriously interfere with worker concentration. Having a spot such as a soundproof phone booth or soundproof office booth gives you place for privacy and concentration.

Why Do You Need One?

The statistics show that if you sound proof an office you can improve the concentration of your workers by close to 50%. This improvement in concentration directly related to soundproofing lowers work errors by 10%. There are a lot of good reasons to build a phone booth or other soundproof space or private conversations and concentration can take place.

Should I Build a Phone Booth Myself?

A lot of workplaces do attempt to build a soundproof booth on our own. Here’s why you should hire professionals to build your phone booth, instead.

You Need to Protect Your Structure

If your phone booth isn’t designed perfectly right from the start, you may find halfway through that you can’t finish it. Even worse, the phone booth could collapse later, hurting or even killing someone. A professional can help you build a truly safe room for you and your employees.

You Need to Breath

Soundproofing is great when you build a phone booth. Know what else is great? Air. It’s crucial that an enclosed and protected space like a phone booth have good air circulation. A big mistake with homemade phone booths is making it so airtight that CO2 builds up quickly and makes you feel lightheaded. This can be dangerous in the long run.

You Need to Use Safe Materials

Is construction your specialty? Are you aware of the way certain materials can harm you as they off-gas? Do you know which cheap foreign imports are the most dangerous, and which materials will keep you safe? If not, you should be getting professional help.

You Need it To Work Correctly

Building a sound-proof area is more than just blocking sound. It’s also dampening sound. Certain materials will do a great job of dampening one frequency of sound, but be almost useless against other frequencies. All these realities have to be balanced in concert if you’re to achieve a truly soundproof space.

You Need to Pass Inspections

Before you can ever use your new soundproof space, it will have to be inspected by everyone from building inspectors to fire marshalls. Are you sure you can build it so well that you’ll pass those inspections the first time around? If not, get a professional to build a phone booth for you.


Sure, you probably can build a phone booth if you put your mind to it. But it’s likely not your area of expertise. Keep your focus on growing your business and hire professionals to make sure that your soundproof space is safe, effective, and ready to pass inspection. You’ll save time and money in the end and be enjoying the benefits of a soundproof space before you know it.

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