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Archive for September, 2018

Book Repair and Sticker Labeling

Physical books, despite the rise of electronic devices such as the Nook and Kindle, still have a place on library book shelves and in personal collections. Often, a book will have sentimental value to it, and this means that a book kept for years may eventually become damaged, and that can include its hinges, covers, and the spine, whether the fabric cover or the cardboard spine inside. How to repair a book spine? And how can colored stickers be used for books safely and clearly? Handling books can be made easy.

Parts of a Book

How to repair a book spine? That starts with knowing the anatomy of a hardback book. The spine is the center piece that holds everything together, a tall, thin piece of cardboard that also has a cloth spine cover. The hinges connect the spine to its outer covers, and the endpapers coat the covers on the inside, and a flyleaf is a loose sheet of paper that, when the book is closed, is between the endpaper and the main pages of the book. Often, a boo

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Regulator for your Specialty Gas

Different kind of gasses require different types of storage and regulators. Specialty gasses come in different grades including high, ultra high and research grade purity. These gasses come in two types pure and gas. There are also six applications including electronics, calibration, refrigeration, medical, manufacturing and other applications. No matter what type of gas you choose, choosing the correct type of regulators is important for specialty gasses such as calibration gas and function testing gas. Consider these tips to help you choose the correct regulators depending on the type of gas that’s in your cylinder.


You should first consider whether your specialty gas is corrosive or not before deciding on specialty gas regulators. Some gasses like function testing gas is not corrosive, but others are mildly to extremely corrosive. Determining how corrosive your gas it, if it’s corrosive at all, will determine the type of regulator that you need

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FAQ About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are used to develop treatments and interventions in the battle against disease, accident and trauma, and even the effects of aging. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into clinical research and why you need, for example, Phase 1 clinical trials healthy volunteers or volunteers for paid depression studies, keep reading for some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Has This Method Worked to Develop Useful Treatments?

Yes, there are many drugs and treatments that have been developed using this type of study. Hepatitis C is one example. Only a few decades ago, Hepatitis C required life-long treatment and often resulted in the need for a liver transplant. Thanks to the drug developments that went through clinical trials, today close to 95% of those with the disease are completely cured after just eight to 12 weeks of treatment with a drug.

What do Pharmaceutical Companies Do With All Their

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Taking A Look At The Need For Fire Alarm Installations In the United States and Around The World

Fires can be very dangerous things, no matter where they erupt. From the medical facility to your very own home, fires provide even more of a risk if you do not have a fire alarm system in place – especially a fire alarm system that has been well maintained and cared for. And fires are perhaps more widespread than the average person realizes.

In the city of Orlando, Florida alone, there were more than nine hundred fire related calls in just the single year of 2013. And hotel and motel fires have a death toll of up to fifteen people each and every year, with a staggering amount of damages to boot – more than seventy five billion dollars in that same span of time, an immense amount of money by truly anyone’s standards. These damages and losses of life are particularly tragic in that they are very much preventable in many of these cases. The process of fire alarm installations can save many lives, particularly when these fire alarm installations undergo fire alarm inspections on a re

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Open Cell Versus Closed Cell Spray Foam

Cutting down on the amount of energy you use is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet as well. Given that around 56% of the energy used in homes in the USA is used for cooling and heating, according to the Department of Energy, being sure the energy stays in the house and not outside is one of the surest ways to cut down on energy costs.

Given that around 40% of a home’s energy loss is caused by poor air filtration, it is safe to assume that fixing said air filtration issues would be an all too easy way to make your energy bill smaller. Indeed, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program it is estimated that monthly energy bills could be cut by up to 20% with the addition of insulation and by properly sealing air leaks that allow for both cool and heat to escape.

When it comes to insulation needs to help with this, one of the more popular ways to provide it is with spray foam insulation, as it both stops air flow, stops energy fro

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