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4 Tips to Save on Warehouse Costs

Warehouse space is critical for any up and coming business, but finding that space can be a challenge for many companies. Occupied spaces used for distribution has increased by more than 86% since 2000 with more than 166,000 men and women working in the industry that leases warehouses to these companies. Finding the perfect space is not the only issues that most companies have when it comes to warehouse space to rent, but the price of the rent can also pose big problems. These tips can help you save money while searching for warehouse to rent for your business as well as save you money overall for your business costs.


Outsourcing special needs is one way that you can help cut costs when finding a warehouse space to rent. Outsourcing majority of tasks can help you cut down on the amount of warehouse space to rent in the first place. Commercial warehousing can get expensive, so cutting costs by outsourcing the things that you can will make a huge difference. Removing many tasks from the warehouse can allow you to find a smaller warehouse space for rent. Renting a warehouse is beneficial but only for the things you need to house there. Removing items that are not necessary will make a huge difference in how much warehouse room is needed.

Bar Codes

This may sound silly and redundant, however using a bar code system can help you keep better track of your inventory. This is helpful to know not only what you have, but how much of it you have as well. This can keep the warehouse from becoming overloaded with inventory that is not truly needed. It also ensures that you have the necessary inventory on hand. This can help with shipping in and storing of inventory as well as shipping inventory out of the warehouse. Determining how much inventory you have and need cuts down on using space for inventory that is not needed and can help shrink the necessary square footage when looking for warehouse space to rent.


If you can reduce packaging on some of your inventory, then you can cut down on how much room you need to store all of it. This can result in significant savings when it comes to finding warehouse space to rent. removing packaging material and storing raw materials takes less space and allows you to store more of the same product in the same space. Any inventory that is not shipped out in the same packaging that it arrived in should be taken out of the package and be stored without packaging. Little moves like this can make a huge difference when it comes to storage space and warehouse needs.


Is all that room at the top of your warehouse going to waste? If you have up high, that means you can stack more things on top of racks. Stacking more up means that you need less square footage for your warehouse. Redesign your warehouse and utilize the vertical space you have in there. Stack things that are not used quite as often higher on the racks, since they will be accessed the least. Utilizing the upwards space not only leave you with the option of getting less square footage, but it also gives the entire warehouse the appearance of being clean and well organized. This can help boost employees productivity within the warehouse.

Consider and follow these tips and you could find yourself needing far less warehouse space than what you initially thought in the first place. Utilize these tips to save money throughout the company and with warehouse size. These tips can help your company thrive, even if it means moving to a smaller warehouse to save money on rent. Utilizing all of the space that you pay for is much better than utilizing half of the space that you pay for. That is almost the same as throwing money down the drain, which is something that nobody wants to do. Consider your warehouse space carefully to ensure that you are using all of it and not wasting it.

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