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Archive for November 6th, 2018

Professional Shredding Companies A Convenient and More Secure Option

Many individuals are concerned about the possibility that their identities could be stolen. The Federal Trade Commission reported that within the next year, there’s a one-in-33 chance that this could occur. Another significant concern pertains to data breaches. It is an unfortunate fact that financial, medical, and other sensitive data are illegally accessed and stolen on a regular basis.

A Brief Overview of Identity Theft

The fastest-growing crime within the United States is identity theft. It’s important to note that despite many people’s fears that this occurs predominately online, almost 90% of these cases pertain to information that is accessed from print sources.

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service stated that government documents and benefits fraud were the most common type of identity theft being reported. This amounted to 34% of the total number of identity theft cases that they encountered. As recently as 2016, approximately one out of every 16

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Does Your Business Parking Lot Make a Good First Impression?

Sweets in Louisiana require a lot of sweeping. From leaves and acorns that fall so swiftly they sound like rain to beads that rain down for the Mardi Gras floats, there are a number of reasons that sweeper trucks are busy in the The Bayou State.
Whether you live down south and have beads to contend with or you live up north and have the sand and gravel to pick up after a long slick winter, sweeper trucks play important roles in making sure that streets are both safe and attractive. In fact, both parking lot and road sweeping services play an important role in first impressions. Just as customers parking lots and sidewalks provide a first impression to business customers, so too do streets send a message to visitors of a city. Tourists might love the opportunity to catch beads in a late night Mardi Gras parade, but they do not want to be slipping and sliding on those same beads the morning after.

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Joe says Hi

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