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Building a Grow Room for Cannabis

Marijuana, as a medical and recreational plant, has made some advancements in recent decades, and acceptance of this plant has arguably reached an all-time high. Several American states now allow medical and/or recreational marijuana use, and the use of CBD, an extract from this plant, is also popular as a remedy for some ailments. So long as a person follows all state, federal, and city laws, he or she may set up a growroom, or more specifically a cannabis grow room, to nurture and harvest marijuana and cannabis. Building a grow room for marijuana can be done in several clear, sensible steps to create an indoor grow room for this plant with maximum efficiency and ease of use. What are some medicinal uses of marijuana and CBD? How can one grow this plant safely, legally, and efficiently?

Medicine and Cannabis

Smoking marijuana, and/or consuming CBD (Cannabidiol) has been shown to have some medical purpose, although this is a developing field. THC, a chemical in marijuana ingested when this plant is smoked, may increase the smoker’s appetite and reduce nausea, and it may also decrease pain and inflammation (that is, swelling and redness), and muscle control problems may also be soothed with this chemical. In the case of CBD, this liquid may serve to reduce pain and inflammation, control epileptic seizures, and it may even treat mental illnesses and addictions. As of now, the FDA has so far at least approved one particular brand of CBD medication for the purpose of treating serious epileptic seizures, and further approved uses may appear sometime in the future. In fact, extracting cannabis oil concentrates is a procedure that dates back to World War II, and it continues to this day. Building a grow room, then, allows a person to harvest these medically relevant plants for personal use and the use of others, so long as local and federal laws are observed in the growing, use of, and distribution of, marijuana.

Building a Grow Room

Grow room design follows a pattern to make sure the marijuana and cannabis plants inside are nurtured well for best possible growth. According to Green Cultured, there are 10 steps for building a grow room to be followed. First of all, finding the actual space where which a grow room may be planted is important; it should be an area big enough for the entire grow room, and it should not interfere with local foot or motorized traffic. The builder should also plan ahead based on the number of plants to be cultivated at a time, the types of growing mediums, and lighting as well as all electrical needs.

Once these basic details are settled upon, the entire area should be cleared out of all items, and the area enclosed. If need be, the room can be constructed, such as in an existing basement, and the walls of such a room can have insulation in them to keep the plants warm and prevent the heat from affecting the home’s own climate control. As the room is built or repurposed for growing marijuana, reflective surfaces should be installed so that the plants can capture as much nurturing light as they can. Fans and other air circulation devices should be placed or installed to draw heat away from the lights and keep fresh air moving into the room. And as with any other plants, marijuana will need a steady water supply; depending on the number of plants grown, buckets or spray bottles filled with water should be sufficient, but larger grow rooms may call for hook-ups with the washing machine’s water supply and a water wand.

Building a grow room also entails having the proper floor, where concrete with drains is optimal. Carpet may get stained and wood may warp, and minor messes such as spilled dirt or fallen leaves are easier to clean from flat surfaces like concrete. The lights will also be installed, but their actual size should be taken into account (as well as their weight) so proper supports can be put in place. Finally, regular gardening tools will be needed, and may be found at retail plant nurseries or hardware stores.

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