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How to Improve Efficiency in the Office

Everyone knows the struggle of misplacing things, but sometimes there is far too much time put into trying to recover said lost items. A newer study done by Interact shows that nearly 20% of business time is wasted by employees looking for their lost documents and information. Luckily, due to newer technology and innovations, there is now a solution to this problem that has plagued companies and offices everywhere since the very beginning: document management.

Document management seems like the obvious solution to a problem that has worked against so many businesses for such a long amount of time, and although it tends to be fairly simple, most people simply do not know about it at all. Basically, document management, sometimes also referred to as printing management, helps reduce the amount of files lost by digitally storing documents for the company, so that the workers no longer need feel responsible for keeping track of the finished product. This method of printer solutions is also highly efficient in lowering the amount of paper used by a company, thus cutting its overall costs. Considering the fact that 17% of all things printed in an office setting end up being waste anyways, it really is for the best to try and improve efficiency within your company through the use of electronic document services.

Another benefit of print management being used as your company’s printer solutions is the large amount of money that you will be saving. After all, efficiency and profits tend to go hand in hand in the business world. Improper filing accounts for a great deal debt in the workplace. In fact, on average, just regular filing costs around $20 per document, and every misfiled document costs businesses up to $125 in lost productivity. With document management, you can easily avoid these mishaps by foregoing the printed files altogether and just using the third-party management to do it for you company both reliably and for a better price. If you still do not believe that switching to a print management service and optimizing printing devices by trying to prevent unnecessary printing will save you money then all you need to do is look at the numbers. Printer and copier costs are almost always the third highest office expense for the year, running just behind rent and payroll.

All you need to do to start improving your company’s efficiency now is go out there and find whichever service will work best both for you and your office or company. This is not even to say that you must completely be rid of printers right off the bat, merely take your printer solutions in smaller steps, until reaching the end goal that you desire. Be it printing reduction, or complete transferal to all electronic documents, document management services are willing to help find what is the best and most cost efficient for you.

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