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Online RCRA and Hazmat Certifications for All Those Working With Our Dangerous Materials

The EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requires specific training for drivers who transport hazardous waste materials. This is also required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to ensure that drivers carrying these dangerous materials receive hazmat certification before hitting the road.

RCRA Training Online

One way to gain DOT hazmat certification is to attend RCRA training online. Similar to the online college courses that so many students take today, drivers who transport hazardous chemicals, waste, gasoline, and other dangerous materials can follow through with this certification in an online course.

Hazmat Training Online in Different Courses

With the DOT and EPA concerned with the safety of all those who handle hazardous materials, there is a need for some different certifications to ensure long-term security in the workplace. Whether it is a warehouse or a truck on the highway, there is much to worry about when chemicals, waste, gas, and other hazardous materials are in your hands at work. There are several different certifications from the DOT training course that are included in hazmat training. Some of these include the following:

  • Hazardous waste management certification
  • Hazardous materials training
  • EPA hazardous waste training
  • International transport of hazardous materials
  • Shipping hazardous materials

With all of these training courses and more, available online, there is much to be gained as drivers gain additional tasks from their employers. With the ability to obtain different hazmat training and certification online, there is no need to wait for the next classroom schedule to come about for a driver to take a promotion or move up the line at their company.

Working with Hazardous Materials

Both the DOT and the EPA address the danger of working with hazardous materials and have agreed to offer all the training needed for drivers and other packaging and shipping professionals in online courses. The question is whether or not those who decide to take the online course are following through with the online certification in a manner that ensures solid learning of the material.

Luckily that these RCRA training online courses are available for all employees to gain their certifications, it provides the continuous growth of the hazmat employee. Just like any other online course, it is hard to make sure that those studying are actually following truly honest guidelines of attending the course, taking the certification tests, and placing the proper knowledge in place during work. We can only hope that the drivers and shippers handling hazardous materials all around our country are working for the security of all of us who may be next to the truck on the road or near those packages being delivered any time of day.

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