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The Importance Of Signage In The United States

From custom event signs to custom real estate signs to custom wall decor and the custom sandwich board, there are many ways to use signs as advertising tools in the world as we know it, especially here in the United States. All types of signage are hugely important, from off site signage to on site signage. Signage can be used to advertise, of course, but it can also be used to inform.

For instance, custom event signs are likely to be hugely beneficial, and can be advertised on everything from billboards to on the site of the event. On billboards, custom event signs have been found to be particularly effective. When it comes to custom event signs on billboards, it has even been found that up to fifty eight percent of people in the United States (those who over the age of eighteen, at least) will actually learn about an event from custom event signs on billboards that they later attend and very frequently enjoy.

Aside from custom event signs, billboards can also advertise restaurants, which a similar percentage of people will actually visit and enjoy, many finding a restaurant that they return to again and again. As a whole, no matter what they are advertising, billboards are hugely successful, due to the fact that more than seventy percent of all people pay attention to billboards as they drive pass them. As many people drive past billboards on a daily basis, this can have quite the impact.

In addition to custom event signs on billboards and all other types of billboards as well, the use of on site signage is just as important from an advertising and sales standpoint, if not actually even more so. In fact, such advertising strategies have been found to be effective even for fully priced merchandise, increasing their sales by as much as twenty percent. This was found in one study conducted by Brigham Young University a number of years ago, and has also been corroborated by a number of other studies as well. In fact, the value of on site signage is so profound that it is equatable to taking out twenty four full page newspaper ads over the course of a single year, showing just how impactful the usage of on site signage can be.

In addition to this, there are many different types of on site signage that can be used. From high quality posters to eco friendly signs to display boards for sale, there are many ways that on site signage can be incorporated. In addition to this, life size posters can sometimes be used, as can custom event signs. Wall posters will also be frequently used. But it’s certainly not just the type of on site (or off site, as well) signage that matters, but the quality of the signage in question, in the vast majority of cases.

The importance of on site signage can be clearly reflected with the data that has been gathered on the subject. In fact, for up to eighty five percent of all people, all consumers in this country, a sign will be one way that the character of a business, brand, or company is conveyed to consumers and, hopefully, potential customers. And a similar percentage – around seventy percent of any give population here in the United States – feels that the quality of a business, brand, or company will also be directly reflected by the quality and care that has gone into the production of a sign, be it on site signage or off site signage.

There is no doubt that signage matters, from custom event signs to graphic wall decals to high quality custom posters to even custom wedding signs. Signs play a crucial role in all of our lives, and can influence our decisions – especially our purchasing decisions – by quite a bit. In fact, it has been found that the average person in the United States will see as many as three thousand signs over the course of just one single day. But it’s not just the prevalence of signs that matters, but the quality of them as well, something that shouldn’t be forgotten by companies.

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