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Archive for December 10th, 2018

Nearly 8% Of All Paper Documents Are Completely Lost Saving Money With Electronic Document Solutions

How often do you think about the advantages of printing technology?

If you admitted to yourself not very much, there’s no shame in it. We encounter so much printing in the day-to-day it’s very easy to overlook how it could be better. Even offices that regularly turn to fax machines, copy machines, and printers to function find themselves in the position of needing improvement. The benefit of print services that prioritize both speed and quality can be yours with a few changes. It’s not just customers that’ll notice, either, but employees tired of wasting time on inefficient methods.

Sound like a tall order? Far from it. Document management companies have been on the case for years now.

Paper Waste Is At An All-Time High

We need to stop wasting paper. This is a simple fact in a world that moves as fast as it does, from business to ind

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Employee Turnover Is Only Getting More Expensive The Benefits Of Working With A Temp Agency

The temp agency can be difficult to use correctly for some.

There’s a prevalent idea that the employment agency is a short fix to a long-term problem. Others think it’s entirely ineffective, stubbornly clinging to old-fashioned methods that barely deliver. When you need staffing help — as well as proper consultation on maintaining employee retention — the benefits of working with a temp agency will pronounce themselves sooner rather than later. Today’s job market is a dynamic one, working on an entirely new set of rules. You need every edge you can get to keep your business growing.

Need to find qualified hires? Let’s learn more about the benefits of working with a temp agency.

The best way to appreciate the benefits of working with a temp agency is to look at the bigger picture. Businesses today are struggling against shifting demographics and a job market that’s nearly alien compared to the one a few decades back. You have more people wa

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Environmental Dust Can Damage Workers’ Lungs Over a Long Period of Time

Staying safe at work is not always as easy as it seems. For many small businesses, for example, it can seem that by implementing the required safety guidelines you can protect yourself and your employees. It is important, however, to realize that there are a number of hidden dangers that can determine the health of everyone in a work space. Although you might, for instance, have the necessary floor protection in place to make sure that changes in elevation are marked and that slick areas are not as dangerous, it is important to realize that the carpet that we walk on can pose a health risk, especially to people with allergies and asthma.
Did you know, for instance, that even carpet that looks clean can hold up to one pound of dirt in a single square yard? In addition, contaminants and air pollutants, such as dust, dander, and chemicals pulled into the HVAC system can be recirculated five to seven times a day. Over time, this recirculation can even cause buildup in the duct work, ha

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Taking A Look At The Many Uses Of Hemp

All around the world (as well as here in the United States in particular), hemp is beginning to provide a valuable renewable resource. This renewable resource has many uses and many applications, with hemp uses stemming far past what most people typically consider. From hemp seeds to clothing that has been made using hemp, hemp is a renewable resource that can fulfill many of the basic needs of life, from nutrition to the proper coverage of your body.

Hemp seeds, for instance, are incredibly nutritionally dense and are perhaps one of the most important and most widely versatile uses of hemp. Hemp seeds can be a great way for vegetarians and vegans alike to add some protein and other essential nutrients into their diets, and can be used in a variety of different ways. Hemp seeds are frequently delicious in salads, for example, as well as in pasta dishes, smoothies, and as a topping for various fruits and vegetable dishes. Some people will even eat hemp seeds on their own.

Of c

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How Signage Can Help Your Business Stand Out

The average consumer is exposed to 3,000 ads and promotional massages every single day and business will do whatever they can to get a customer’s attention. Everywhere you look, there are store signs, newspaper ads and life size posters flashing, flickering and proclaiming, “Buy This,” “Try That” or “Come Check This Out!”

Of the thousands of ads seen every day, many are seen on display store signs. These displays can go a long way in convincing a customer to purchase a product or service, especially if they aren’t planning on buying more than what they came for.

In today’s shopping market, it’s important for a business to get someone’s attention and fast. Consider for a moment the following statistics:

  • A consumer decides within three to seven seconds whether or not they will stick with a brand or buy a competitor.
  • 82 percent of purchase decisions are made in the store.
  • 16 percent of unplanned purchases were made because customers noticed a display.

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