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Archive for December 11th, 2018

Complete Your Toolbox with These 3 Must-Have Power Tools

Construction work is a tough business. While it is possible to build everything by hand with manual tools, there’s no denying that power tools can make the job far easier. As a contractor, you know that having a fully equipped tool belt, box, and kit can make all the difference in helping you stay on time and on budget. But how do you know which tools you need? Some tools may be useful, but if you only use them occasionally, it might not be worth the investment. Here are a few of the most useful power tools that every contractor should have

1. Power Saw

Nothing is more tedious and labor intensive than sawing through boards, insulation, and drywall by hand. While a standard saw may be affordable, they’re far from practical when you’re working for homeowners operating on a tight budget. Instead, incorporate a power saw in your drywall installation tool kit. This will speed up the prep work f

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Are You Looking for a Way to Cut Energy Costs

We live in strange times. While there are millionaires making more money than any time in the past, we have others who are living in a space that few would even consider a home. In a time when there are large opulent buildings where the rich and the famous live and run down spaces that few would consider habitable. In fact, there are even landlords in some parts of the country who are profiting from the rent control apartments that they own. A recent surprise inspection in Omaha, Nebraska, found apartments that were infested with bugs and had ceilings that had openings big enough to see outside through. No amount of spray foam insulation could make these neglected spaces safe or healthy.
Closed cell spray foam kits provide a way for property owners to make sure that they are doing what they can to control heating and cooling costs. Too often, building owners, bo

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