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Archive for December 20th, 2018

Access Control Systems, An Investment You Can Feel Secure About

If you own a business you most likely have some kind of alarm system in place to ensure your office isn’t broken into after hours. However, have you ever considered the benefits of access control systems? While alarm systems on their own can be helpful, a security system like that can only do so much.

The Benefits of Access Control Systems

  • No Changed Locks. If a key holding employee leaves and fails to return their key to the property, it is then your responsibility to change all the locks. This also applies if an employee loses their keys. With an access control system you can remove the employee’s card information from your system rendering it unusable. That means there is no need to waste funds changing all the locks, and making new keys. Once the information is removed, you’re in the clear.
  • Know Who Enters and Leaves. Another one of the benefits of access control systems is you can see everyone who has come a
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    Tax Accountants Are Especially Busy This Time of Year

    This is the last true busy season for your husband. After working as a full time accountant for the last 30 years, your husband is retiring at the end of this year’s tax season. He has offered to contract back if his old partners need him after this April 15, but after this round of taxes are filed for the firm’s individual clients and customers he will no longer be working full time. No longer be missing evening meals because he is still at the office. No longer going into the office on Saturdays and Sundays.
    No matter who is in office at the White House, no matter which party is in charge of the Senate or the House of Representatives, there will always be a need for bookkeeping services. Accountants will start jobs and retire from jobs, but the needed bookkeeping services will always be a part of the nation’s economy.
    Do You Use Personal Tax Accountants for Your End of the Year Filings?

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