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Clean Out Your Closets and Put Those Household Donations to Good Use

It is easy to gain a household of clutter, and it often seems to take no time at all to do so. Whether you are an avid shopper for new outfits or you put off cleaning out your closets, chances are you have a good deal of clothing that you no longer wear. But think about all the good that could come of you downsizing to just the necessities, or at least getting rid of the things that you have trouble remembering the last time that they were worn.

The many positive aspects of your cleaner closet

Quite simply, of course the idea of a clean closet sounds good. Who wouldn’t want that? But looking more deeply, your seemingly simple action of cleaning out your closet has a greater impact than just feeling like you have tidied up the house, which is a major plus as well. When you consider how your actions impact the environment as well as how you could help those in need, the task of cleaning out your closet gains new significance.

  • Peace of mind
    Starting with the most obvious benefit, when you finally put in the time to clean out and organize your closets, dressers, and any old storage you have sitting around, the relief you will feel with your newly tidied home will make a big difference. A clean space can provide clarity of mind, inspiration for new projects and ideas, and more room for what matters. Getting rid of what you no longer need, use, or wear will help to simplify your life a great deal.
  • Improving the environment
    Once you get everything that you don’t want cleaned it, there is the matter of deciding what to do with it. The easiest thing to do would be to toss it all in the garbage and be done with it. However this beautiful planet of ours is choking on the excessive amounts of waste that we consume and create. In the United States alone, there are over 10 million tons of clothing being sent to landfills each and every year. Only about 15% of used clothing is either donated or recycled, which leaves a huge amount of room for improvement. By turning your unwanted items into household donations for local charities, you are keeping significant amounts of waste from entering landfills.
  • Helping those in need
    Gathering up household donations for charity organizations or resale stores and secondhand shops allows others to benefit from your cleanup project as well. Your used clothing donations could end up being given to someone who cannot afford to buy new things, and those household donations could be sold at a fraction of the original price to families that don’t make as much money as they need to meet all of their needs. When you choose to donate clothes, you could be making a major difference in the life of someone in your neighborhood or on the other side of the world.

Getting rid of your old things is always a good project to delve into. Turning that project into one that has multiple benefits is even better.

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